Posted by: Brenda Kula | July 23, 2008

Wild Child In The Garden


The above photo is of a wild morning glory that sprouted up. I haven’t seen any flowers from the ones I actually planted. Just this one so far that is a "wild child."


I’m so impressed lately with how fast Typepad is uploading photos! Way to go, Typepad!


A cool image for a hot day. The sago palms do so well here. I suppose they love the humidity. I’m glad someone does!


I love the texture of Boston fern.


The above white bloom is on a vine I planted from seed from Renee’s Heirloom seeds. I have red on one side of the front gate arbor. And the white variety on the other. Does anyone recognize this plant? It doesn’t seem to do much but form a little fist of color, then drop off.


Oh, how I love sedums! They have become one of my favorites. Tolerant of heat. Beautiful shades of green texture. Looks so beautiful alongside any flower to lend a little neutrality.


Clyde gets in on the action at the front gate.


A sweet black plant stand I purchased from Tuesday Morning. Such good buys there. I have purslane in the pots, but they aren’t blooming at the moment.


Placing a few solar lights in plant pots gives you a bit of light when strolling through the gardens after dark.


This bug doesn’t eat insects, but is colorful.


I love cobalt blue with the sun shining down upon it.


Please remember Alex today, and send sweet thoughts her way. She is having her procedure to diagnose the mass on her liver this afternoon. She goes into the hospital around noon time. Poor girl has not been able to keep food down for weeks, and needs our support and encouragement.

This morning I printed out the photos of the dragonflies (from yesterday) that she so loves, and will send good wishes to her via snail mail at her home. If you want to send a card to cheer her up, please email me and I shall send you her home address right away.

We’re here for you, Alex, and we fellow bloggers here in Blog Land love you!


  1. Good morning, Brenda…. I love your sancturary–that lovely and serene space where nature becomes your soul…. I love that photograph with your black cat…, looks so peaceful…

    Have a lovely day, lovely lady!



  2. Your garden looks so peaceful and cool a perfect place to go sit a bit and relax.
    Sent Alex prayers, poor kid is so sick, my heart goes out to her.
    Love your pictures! Have a good day!

  3. Clyde is one COOL cat! 🙂 Your garden looks so whimsical.

  4. Lovely photos. Clyde looks just like my Wyatt.(-:
    I will keep Alex in my thoughts and prayers too. I hope everything turns out o.k. for her.

  5. Just loved all the exotic plants you have! I soooo envy you. That palm plant (with fan-shape leaves) to the left is my country’s national leaf.

    Thanks for showing your garden, Brenda. It’s the closest I can get to the PHIL.

  6. Once again, gorgeous photos! Your garden is beautiful. I am emailing you for Alex’ address; would love to send her a card; Patti

  7. More terrific photos Brenda. I love purslane too. Great tip about the solor lights in pots. I need to get some.

    E-mail me Alex’s address and I will send her a card.


  8. hello. I spoke to Alex this morning before she left for the hospital. (see my e-mail). xoxo, Joanna

  9. Terrific tip about the solar lights; I’m putting them on my WalMart list! Plant Angel’s Trumpets in white and white Moonflower Vines – they are breathtaking in the moonlight!
    Clyde is a very handsome cat; his tuxedo markings are beautiful (looks like my Velvet fluffed up). He actually appears to be posing, the shot is priceless!

  10. Having some busy times, lately. I loved catching up with you, today. The dragonflies are amazing!!


  11. I’m so jealous of your morning glory bloom! I’m still waiting on mine to have the first bloom!
    Your gardens look so welcoming and peaceful. I’m going to have to stop by for a visit soon!

  12. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your color, and your heart with the reminder of Alex.

    I’m greatly enjoying the purslane I bought this year!

  13. Your garden is looking great! I never had purslane in my garden until this year….I love it!

  14. Brenda, your garden looks so warm and welcoming, very much like you! My thoughts are with Alex, and I hope for a good outcome. I can imagine how scary this must be for her.

    My husband bought the cutest little solar lanterns a few weeks ago and hung them in a few of our hanging baskets. I’m amazed they light up in spite of how little sun we get. They don’t really shed much light, just twinkle softly under the trees. They look so pretty in the evening.

  15. I will say a prayer for Alex tonight… poor thing.. I hope all will get better soon… Susie h~

  16. Morning Brenda! Oh, what beautiful photos of your garden. That little sun face is adorable!! Thanks for encourageing Chloe Dawn while I was having my computer problems.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  17. Hi Brenda,
    Love your photos and your garden! The plant stand from Tuesday Morning looks just like something I’m looking for!
    Thanks for posting on Alex…I haven’t heard anything today and would love her address. I’ll email you.
    Hope your day is great!

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