Posted by: Brenda Kula | July 10, 2008

Tour Of The Tyler Antique Mall


Come on in, folks! We’re fixin’ to tour the Tyler antique Mall!

You are here, downtown Tyler. I didn’t even figure out this was here until about a month ago. They’ve been open since the first of the year. Where was I? I want you to look what I was missing! Some darned good buys, that’s what!



How about this little antique grocery cart?


This little section below has scads of numbers and letters in all forms.


Is this colorful enough for you?


I’ve got to go back and check the price tag on this red corner cabinet. Isn’t it sweet?


The woman with this booth is obviously "romantically inclined." Pink and white abound.


Mosaic heaven!



I love this lamp! But I passed on it for now. I know those feathers wouldn’t last long with Bonnie the white cat in the house! Before I know it, she’d have this poor chicken plucked!



How about that chandelier? If I hadn’t gotten rid of that never-to-be-used glass punch bowl and cups, just look what I could have made with it?

A cute trunk with a mural painted on the side.



You know how I love sewing machine tables! I already bought one old beat upper from here. But this one is in a class all by itself. I talked to the lady who built this. On top underneath the glass is lace and all kinds of pretties!


Are you tuckered out yet? Let’s go get some iced tea down the street and come back later.

I’ll post more goodies from this tour tomorrow! Rest yourself up now!



  1. Love it! You need that red hutch! 🙂 I am hitting the antique malls of Ft. Worth this weekend with the girls. I’ll have to report when I get back. thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

  2. Thanks for taking me along; I don’t get out much anymore. I loved the little red corner hutch; I HAVE those Pyrex mixing bowls on the lower shelf. The big yellow one is the one my mama always made potato salad in!
    The chandelier with the old punch cups was adorable. Like you, I prefer lamps to overhead lights. I once made a lamp by taking the frame from a shade, and wrapping little clear christmas lights all over, it was precious, and inexpensive! Can’t wait to “go back to Tyler” tomorrow….

  3. Yes, you definitely need to return for that red corner cabinet! I love red and that’s sweet!

  4. Oh, honey, that was such fun! And I didn’t even have to worry over my bad ankle. LOL! Gosh, I saw a little doggy toy just like my son had. And blue glass! I’m ga-ga over that sewing machine table.

  5. That was so much fun and I loved, loved the red corner cupboard too. We may have to duke it out over that. Oops, I forgot I live in SC. It’s yours.


  6. Oh how I wish I was there with you!!! Wow that was fun looking at all those goodies even if it is from far…..sigh….. Everything looks adorable, I would be like a kid in a candy store!!! Thanks for the peek can’t wait for more!!!

  7. Hi Brenda! I would have loved to go shopping in that mall! Look at all the pretties! I vote you go back and get that red cabinet – it’s wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. Love the sewing machine table. Sounds like a trip to Tyler is in my near future.

  9. Brenda,
    Thanks for all your sharing.
    It really makes my day to see your photos.

  10. Oh I love a good antique mall and that one looks fantastic! Oh yes honey you do need to go back for that red cabinet- because if you dont, I will! It is so pretty!!
    Have great evening honey!
    -Cinderella 🙂

  11. Hi Brenda….that was a fun tour! I love the sewing machine table too and if I lived closer you and I could fight over that red corner cabinet! LOL Come over and visit me again soon. 🙂


  12. Can’t wait to see !!!!!!! (The kerchief gloom was hilariously priceless!!!)

    M ^..^

  13. I am an antique junkie. You just helped feed my addiction. I haven’t been antiquing in a while. Now, I feel I need t go again soon!!!!

  14. Brenda, girl, run, don’t walk to go back and get that corner cabinet if you have the space. That is so cool. I love antique malls and haven’t been to one in a long time. Maybe I’ll head to Guthrie today.~~Dee

  15. Good morning Brenda! I love you, dear!

    Have a marvelous weekend…


  16. So many pretty things to see. Thanks for doing the photo tour!!!! I loved it!!!!

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