Posted by: Brenda Kula | July 9, 2008

Dog Kerchief Gloom


Abigail: We go see Susan the dog groomer every other week. We get bathed and clipped. And once in awhile, Susan ties a little kerchief around our necks. We hate the kerchiefs, and immediately try to chew them off. Our Mom has told Susan not to waste her kerchiefs on us, because we usually tear them off and rip them to shreds before we even get home. But for some reason, today Susan put one on us anyway. And we are already home and Susan must have tied a good knot, because obviously here we are. We are sad, because we haven’t been able to get our kerchiefs off yet. Please feel our pain…

Poor Charlie cannot even look at the camera, he is so upset with his having to wear the dreaded kerchief.


Please feel our indignity and outrage…


Abi: Help! I can’t get this thing off!


Charlie: Neither can I!

Abi: I’m scratching at it, but I just can’t get it untied!


Charlie: I shall have to curl up in shame in the crates Mom got out because the bathroom renovation is beginning.


Mom: Well, everybody just calm down. After I took these photos, I helped the poor furbabies out. I untied the kerchiefs and dispensed of them. Susan tries so hard to accessorize them, especially around holidays. And she just can’t convince them how sweet they look with a little glam!



  1. How cute! My little dog Beau loves to wear sweaters. He gets so excited when he sees me take one out. I think it’s because he associates it with going outside. There will be no sweaters for awhile with this hot weather we are having.

    My vacation starts next week. I’m so happy it’s supposed to be cooler then.

  2. How cute they are! Jada had little barrettes cliped behind her ears at Christmas time a few years ago. They made me laugh everytime I looked at her. 🙂 They didn’t last much more than an hour though.
    How’s your bathroom reno going?
    I don’t have Jada in a crate but we do have a half door on our office, which also has patio doors to the back yard. That seems to be working out quite well.

  3. Aw, poor little babies. They are so cute! Chloe Dawn feels their pain. She has to go to the beauty shop every month and they tie on the bandana just like this – she hates it too! She comes home rolling around on the floor and scratching at it! I always take it off and tie it in a big ole knot and give it back to her. She tears it to shreds! She hates it too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  4. Isn’t it funny how the little ones can sulk? I am convinced that dogs and cats know just what we are saying, too.

    Hope the bathroom renovation goes quickly!


  5. Love the pictures of your fur babies.I could totally feel his pain and frustration.My daughter’s cat Freda hides her face when we put a Tshirt on her.So cute!

  6. That is tooooo funny…but I know all about it cause once a month my two poodles get all foofed up with their bows, then it is the obsession to get them OUT!!! They do look really cute with their kerchiefs though.

  7. I suffer from acid reflux too, something awful, I went to the doctor he gave me Nexium ,years ago, I have never had a problem since!! Like a miracle I tell you!! So its Hello margarita and thai food no problem!!

  8. I guess dogs just really want to be dogs. We can’t help it, but we want to make them more human. Poor things, they love us anyway.

  9. Thanks, Brenda! Did those babies get over having scarves around their little necks?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. Too Stinkin’ Cute!!!!

  11. LOL! How cute! Funny how somehow dogs just KNOW they are not suppose to wear accessories!

  12. adorable, and they match the pillow and decor!

  13. Iffin (don’t ya love that word?) Iffin our dog went to the groomer and came home with something tied around her neck, I’m sure she would feel exactly the same way! Poor thing – last bath she got was in a washtub out in the back yard! LOL

  14. Awww…sweet post! Cute dogs! :)NG

  15. One of my babies loves the kercheifs, but she calls them “pretties” instead. If I lay a pile of them on the floor, she’ll pick one out to bring to me to put on her, then she looks so proud of herself.

  16. Cute as pie! (I wonder where that expression came from.)

  17. Cute as pie! (I wonder where that expression came from.)

  18. Cute as pie! (I wonder where that expression came from.)

  19. That is so cute. My Buster who is a Shih Tzu hates stuff on him too. We went to the snow once and I put on him a snow jacket, the only thing that moved on him was his eyes. It was so funny.
    Very cute post on your dog.
    Love, Ann

  20. Thanks for stopping by today!And my dear- that is one ofthe reasons I love you- because you are honest!! LOL!!
    Your fur babiesare so cute all spiffed up! My kids don’t like wearing anything either…..unfortunately they aren’t covered in hair! We are usually pretty lucky if we can make it through an entire outing in public with them still clothed!!
    -Cinderella 🙂

  21. Hi Brenda 🙂

    They do look awful cute in their kerchiefs, even if they do hate them LOL Maybe you should show them how much Miss Maggie loves hers over at Daisy Cottage 😉


  22. Good grief! Are those two sulking muffins cute or what? Not that they care about it though. I bet they would trade those kercheifs to roll in a piece of fish anytime. LOL

    Oh, by the way, just wanted to let you know you have been tagged 😉

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