Posted by: Brenda Kula | July 3, 2008

It’s “Bean” One Of Those Days


I’m taking one of those silly opportunities to show off my Hyacinth Bean vine. I’ve never planted it before. It’s one of those I ordered from Renee’s Heirloom Seeds last winter. Before I started planting, I told myself, this year I’m going to record everything I plant in the gardens. Of course, life intervened, and I, sadly, did not. Now I’m surprised by all that’s blooming. But it’s a nice sort of surprise.

The rest of the day was not.

It started okay. We finalized the deal to renovate the two 1980s bathrooms last night. One, of course, sits naked after the mishap when the underground hot water pipe burst, and I had to have my floor jackhammered. This was months ago. Still reeling from several calamitous events right in a row, we let three rooms sit in their back-to-concrete glory. Awaiting bids and money to start renovating the damage after it flooded the back part of our house.

The Granite Girls are going to be busy at our place for awhile. I’ll post more on them later. This morning they brought various contractors into my bathroom to discuss what to do. Just the thought sets my teeth on edge. For when you start remodeling, you’re apt to find more things that need urgent fixing. This I’ve learned the cold-hard-cash-way.

My neighbor Walli was kind enough to fix me a nice fresh cucumber, avocado and chicken sandwich for lunch. Why is it stuff just tastes better at someone else’s house? Anyway, it was delicious. She’s a more creative master of the kitchen than I’ll ever be.

Then the Vacuum Hospital (yes, that’s what it’s called) phoned to say my vacuum cleaner had been serviced and was ready for pick up. (I probably tore it up vacuuming concrete floors…) They were going to be closed for the holiday, they told me. I said I’d be right over. It’s not a mile down the street from me.

Of course, these two pitched a royal fit.


"Mom’s getting ready to go out! Let’s moan and groan and yip and cry and make her feel guilty enough to take us!"

And so, thinking I would just be gone a short time, I allowed them to go. I left the car running in front of the tiny vacuum shop, ran to the door not six feet away, and thrust my claim ticket at the guy. I told him I had the dogs in the car, and I couldn’t take my eye off them. Of course I left the car going for the air conditioning. But I know these dogs have figured out how to roll the windows down, so I have to be on the alert. He tells me to go on out and stay with them. He’ll bring the vacuum, run my debit card, and bring it out for me to sign. I’ve never met the man. But he seemed nice enough and it was mighty kind of him. I raced back to the car.

Did I mention that this vacuum happens to be the Dyson Animal? Ha-ha! Double entendre! I’m being cute.

I sign the slip and go back home. At about three minutes after 5 p.m., I decide to empty my purse and put my things in the new one I picked up yesterday while out shopping. I’m not a big purse buyer, but this one happened to catch my eye. 

As I’m organizing what few things I carry around, I notice: Oh my! My debit card is missing! Yeah, you got it. I was in such a hurry with those silly dogs that I either left it with the guy or dropped it on the pavement. My heart begins the typical I-did-something-stupid-and-careless race.

I phone the Vacuum Hospital. The phone rings and rings to no avail. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat imagining how I’m going to get through the next few days wondering just who has my precious debit card in his hand. Of course, the man might have it tucked away in a good spot for me to come back and get it. But then, why didn’t he call me? And then of course there’s the chance some ne’er-do-well has scooped it up with merriment. And gone into the Walmart next door to the vacuum shop for a shopping spree. My fears mount.

At about 5:15, I give up on anyone answering the phone. I figure there’s not going to be anyone still there if I rush over. So I reluctantly call my bank to cancel the card. Of course you can’t do anything simply these days. My bank is just over a block away, but the bank itself is closed. And I won’t be put through to them anyway. I’ll get someone from who knows where. (It’s one of those national outfits.) Finally, after frantically punching numbers and wondering where the old days went when computers didn’t tell you what to do, I finally get a human being.

I tell her about my predicament. She looks up my account after I verify that I am who I say I am, wasting more precious minutes. And tells me there’s been no activity since I left the vacuum shop. I breathe a sigh of relief. And cancel the card.

As I sit ruminating over the silliness of the day, I realize that, yes, the tail is wagging the dog. I let these mutts run all over me. I am putty in their paws. I was a rather strict mom with my adult daughters. But the dogs slobber all over me. They’ve got my number.


Charlie’s not worried. He’s a chow hound. Weighs ten sturdy pounds and doesn’t miss a meal. By the way, that’s Kashi cereal there on the right. Yes, my dogs like Kashi cereal, and I give them a little each day. There’s only one flavor they like, though.


Here’s Princess Abi. Tell me how on earth you can say "no" to those eyes?

So the moral of the story is: If only I’d left them at home. Taken my time and gone into the Vacuum Hospital. Done my business in a normal fashion. I likely wouldn’t have been careless enough to leave my debit card…somewhere.

If I wasn’t such easy pickins’, poor Clyde wouldn’t be sitting on the other side of the gate, wondering if he dares to dart past these Yorkies to get inside and to his food bowl. (I also wouldn’t have chicken wire strapped to my gate if they hadn’t figured how to get through the slats.)


Poor Clyde. There was a day when he ran the house. But he made the mistake, back when I first got the dogs that have yet to hit their second birthday, to run from them. Now they chase him, yapping with glee. And he hasn’t figured out that, if he’d just stop and scratch them with his mighty claws, they’d back off and leave him alone. Bonnie, on the other hand, sits fat and happy and tells them where to go when. And they listen.

So I’ll have to go into the bank on Saturday morning and order a new debit card. Feeling foolish all the way. And sometime next week, they’ll come in and start jackhammering the place again. Or whatever they do to take out a bathtub and all that surrounds it. I’ll be walking around for who knows how long with a dog underneath each arm to keep the dogs away from the workers and out of danger’s way. But hey, I’m getting a new bathroom soon!

Yeah, I know. I lost the upper hand. If I ever had it to start with. I don’t take two steps without turning around and catching myself before I stumble over a dog that’s right behind me. Nosing at my heels as I go about my day.

And I don’t want to hear about the book I should buy to learn how to be a master with my dogs. It’s already on the bookshelf, most likely. Read, and neatly put away. 



  1. Yikes! You;ve got my cat..Look at Clyde and look at my cat. Small difference though, Mesha is a girl. Are you sure Clyde hasn’t been slumming in my neck of the woods? LOL

  2. I could use that book. My dogs rule me too. But with cute little Yorkies, I have no choice!

  3. Hope your Independence Day is smooth sailing, and a celebration filled with wonderful memories!

    Happy Fourth!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Oh Brenda,
    I’m sorry about your day. You need to sit down, relax, put your feet up and read some decorating books or magazines. I thought at the end of this post you were going to say you found the card after you canceled it.

    So Kashi cereal for the dogs? Zeke likes Smart Start Soy himself 😉 Poor Clyde, he needs some lessons. My cats run the show here, poor Zeke won’t even come up the stairs if they’re sitting there.

    Okay, so where does that saying “it set my teeth on edge” come from? Those kind of sayings always make me think – hmmm, better go look it up (I love tidbits like that;)

    Oh, one last thing – The Dyson Animal is great, I’d never have another vacuum ever.

    Now, go have a terrific 4th of July, your luck is about to change for the better sweets!

  5. Brenda,

    Let’s hope July 4th is a better day for you.

    We remodeled both of our bathrooms 2 years ago. It was a mess to do but they look great now. You’ll get there.


  6. Bless your heart! I suppose we all have days like that… thank goodness they pass. I can see why it’s hard to say no to those two!
    Thanks for the advice on the exercise ball. I used to have one until my hubby thought it would be funny for him and our 50 something lb. lab/dalmation to play ball with. Needless to say, that game only lasted a few minutes before the ball was popped. I guess it’s time to get a new one.
    Have a happy 4th!

  7. Don’t feel foolish about your card — or at least know you’re in good company. I once went to an ATM, used my card to withdraw the cash I wanted, then promptly turned and walked away, heedless of the frantic beeping from the ATM, and left the card in the machine. Fortunately, the ATM will “eat” an abandoned card, but I still felt like a dumb-dumb, and it’s always a pain to get a replacement. Better days ahead, m’dear! 🙂

  8. So glad your tassel made it to you safe and sound. Im so happy that you love it. Thank you again! Susie H~

  9. ((((Brenda)))))
    Don’t be too hard on yourself – I do things like that too, and my kids are forever chiding me for how carelessly I “throw” my atm card in my purse and therefore I’m always digging around looking for it. Thankfully you took care of it right away and now you can sit back and enjoy the holiday! I love your furbabies and I, too, choose to ignore those “dog rule” books.
    Because, basically DOGS RULE! 😉


  10. Oh boy, I can so relate to the angst you felt not finding your debit card. Ask Kim and Laura – they were witness to me opening my wallet only to discover my VISA was gone. I had been using cash on most of my trip, however two days prior to our meeting, had used it. So luckily the restaurant had it…but you just never know who’s paws it may end up in. A validated concern!

    Your doggies are cute and I can see why you lose your human bearings around them. Who could tell them “no.” Oh, toss the books….live and learn is my motto. Takes longer to read “how to’s” than to muster along and figure it out on our own. 🙂

    smiles to you,

  11. I have also been there in forgetting the debit card with so many things on my mind! Such a stress to realize! So glad that no one charged up before you cancelled!
    I know I know what we do for our animals regardless the extra stress at times it can create!
    Yup..our fur babies rule the house!

  12. Happy 4th, Brenda! How funny. Those little darlings are just toooo precious. And that poor little sweet kitty. How funny is this? I have a post ready for Monday about Chole!! Our fuzzy faces really do rule us, don’t they?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. oh man, have been there!! the hyacinth beans are lovely, btw 🙂

  14. Yikes! Sorry about the mess with the card! Luckily you didn’t get pinched.

    Your Hyacinth bean is so pretty. I tried it once but never got any beans!!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  15. Boy, you sure can tell a good story. I had to skim fast because I was so upset, just like I was with you. Honey, I have done stuff just like this, left my credit card, lost my purse.

    ‘The Granite Girls’– sounds quite marvelous. I know your bathrooms are going to be gorgeous.


  16. Oh my goodness I have been there! Major panic when you realize that litle piece of plastic is missing!!I had to laugh while reading this though! Your babies are adorable and they would probably be the maser of me too! How can you possibly tell them no?!?
    -Heather:) (Cinderella)

  17. Hi Brenda 🙂

    Has it been that long since I came to see you?! I never seem to catch up….

    I don’t know why we let dogs rule our lives, but they sure do 😉

    Did you ever find your card after that?


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