Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 22, 2008

Sunday Morning Garden Stroll


I found this little red beauty in my garden this morning. Tiny, but perfect in its simplicity.


I love rocks. I love the texture, the simple shapes. Doesn’t take much to make me smile, does it! Crazy as this may sound, I’d just as soon have a pretty bowl full of rocks than a bowl full of diamonds!


This creature guards my yard from predators. Think he’ll fool anyone?


A rather gauzy view from the gazebo.


This little rabbit holds court just behind my pond. You can barely see his head now, the garden is growing so fast! I’ll have to clip it back before it obscures him altogether!




  1. The bunny peeking through is so cute!Your little red flower is a beauty!
    I enjoy the look of simple rocks as well,its a very natural look.
    Take care,

  2. I saw a comment by you over at Rue’s blog and thought I’d pop in.
    The ‘da*n thing thing with the board’ that you were trying to remember is called a QUIJA Board…smiles. I sincerely enjoyed my stroll thru your garden. (I’m posted in RMS and did have rabbit figurineS once in my front yard which is now under upgrade construction; have donated a tin salamander to my dtr. for her b/yard, and love rocks like you do.) Guess we have more than just our name in common. -Brenda- (mrsben) HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

  3. I believe he likes hiding there. He can see everything going on.

    What a nice, quiet and lovely spot.

  4. I love your little rabbit… peeking up from the garden. 🙂 xoxo, Joanna

  5. A bowl full of shells will make me happy! And I love your little rabbit – so cute!

  6. Love that gazebo view. I am wondering if we can do something like that around one of our umbrellas.

  7. I always enjoy a stroll thought your garden — we share a love of rocks. 🙂

  8. Beautiful!
    But I think I’d rather have a bowl of diamonds.

  9. Thank you for such a lovely walk on a Sunday evening. I love rocks too and your bunny is so adorable.

  10. Hi Brenda,

    Love the outdoor photos – especially the rabbit!


  11. the bunny is cute, and you are right- the flower is tiny, but perfect!!

    kari & kijsa

  12. the bunny is cute, and you are right- the flower is tiny, but perfect!!

    kari & kijsa

  13. the bunny is cute, and you are right- the flower is tiny, but perfect!!

    kari & kijsa

  14. Love your rocks and your bunny…he’s so cute peeking through like that*!*

  15. Hi Brenda,love, love, love your garden ! And thanks for visiting mine also.

  16. Everything looks great!
    If you ‘love’ rocks, you would love it here! LOL We had two HUGE truck loads dumped here a few years back.

  17. I love a bowl of rocks, too. In fact I have a few in an anchor bowl at the lake. We collected them on our Michigan trip.


  18. You inspire me to keep my eyes open and look for the delights right around me. And I love rocks, too! We have rocks stacked around my so-called rose garden, ones we picked up on our drives. We liked to get rocks from everywhere we went. 🙂

  19. You are surrounded by cute! You have the cutest animals. I have rocks I just put down in my yard and my DH assures me, they shall not be moved. LOL…okay,,rocks look good just about anywhere.

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