Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 18, 2008

Crazy Quilting


Back in the 1990s I was really into quilting and embroidery. I made these pillows and embroidered the seams (Crazy Quilting).

Just look at the little metallic gold spider web I made. And the spider made from beads. (I know the web is hard to see on that background. Sorry.)


I spent so many wonderful hours sitting and doing this. It was such a peaceful thing to do. I have arthritis in my hands from surgeries now, and can’t do all this. But I brought them out of the closet this morning just to show you anyway.


I lived near San Antonio for five years. And I met a woman who wanted me to teach her to quilt. So I did. And in return, she gave me the gift of a crazy quilting class to take with her. It was so much fun! 

I’ve lost track of the friend now. But I will always remember those classes spent with her in that little quilting shop in San Antonio though.


I would go to garage sales and find fancy prom gowns and such, take them home and rip them apart. And make them into pillows and wall hangings. There are scraps of mens’ ties and suit jackets, wedding dresses and formal attire in these pillows!


I remember I made she and her husband a "whole cloth" quilt for their wedding anniversary. It was beige muslin and quilted with a rust-colored thread.

Thankfully, I have all these things to bring back the memories!



  1. The pillows are beautiful, and your embroidery is outstanding — such beautifully even stitches! Nicely done.

  2. So pretty!! Quilts just make me smile, making them is so relaxing, seeing yours makes me remember I made a few myself,I should dig them out from under (haha) and air them, maybe even take a picture or two , we should have a show your quilts day !!
    Take care,

  3. Wow, those are really pretty. I like that they are made from other items of clothing.

    I used to crosstitch until I lost the ability to see all the way to my hands. Must use reading glasses now to see that far.

  4. lets do, lets have a show your quilts day. The crazy quilt pillows are darling.

  5. What talent! I am VERY impressed, Brenda. I own a ‘crazy quilt’, a treasured gift from my neighbor as a rememberance when she moved. In another life years ago, I learned how to crosstich and crewel.

  6. I LOVE THESE!!!!! I really like the crazy quilts. My aunt makes them quite a bit and I think they are so fun and have so much personality!
    Thank You so much for stopping by today and for your wise and wonderful words! You are such a sweetheart and I appreciate you so much! I really miss my yard and gardens…. I too used to find a lot of peace and heaven there. I find it hard now because there is only so much I can do with my planters!!
    Have a great evening sweetie!
    -Heather 🙂 (Cinderella)

  7. I have loved those since I read
    about them in Anne of Green Gables!

    M ^..^

  8. really neat! thanks for sharing! I am working on a project now using old clothing & fabric. thinking about posting about it too. funny how some of us wind up posting about similar things when it wasn’t even planned. 🙂 xoxo, Joanna

  9. You are one talented chica!


  10. Just lovely. A neighbor of mine used to use the silk backs of ties for crazy quilt material.

  11. I love quilts. My mom was an amazing quilter. I love, love, love your crazy quilts! How wonderful that you have these great memories to go with them.

  12. Those are beautiful. Such fine workmanship. That would be very difficult. My sister in law quilts. She makes quilts for all her friends. She is pretty good at it too. I have never done anything large. I did make each of my kids a quilt when they were born. It was not very fancy but they loved it for many years(-:

  13. Brenda … those pillows are beautiful ! … that kind of work is so hard on our hands but it is so satisfying to see done and looking so wonderful. Gorgeous !
    Joy : )

  14. Hello Brenda
    I don’t think many people know and appreciate the skill that is needed to work with ail materials.
    Those are beautiful quilts
    Take care

  15. Brenda– You are soooo talented! I am envious of your ability with fabric. Just beautiful! And about the spiderweb– isn’t that just like ourselves? Sometimes in certain light we don’t show up well, either. But still we are beautiful on a closer look! LOL!

  16. We love crazy quilts, and these are amazing creations!! Beautiful work!

    kari & kijsa

  17. We love crazy quilts, and these are amazing creations!! Beautiful work!

    kari & kijsa

  18. We love crazy quilts, and these are amazing creations!! Beautiful work!

    kari & kijsa

  19. Barbara, I’ve enjoyed coming here and seeing all your posts, from this week. They’re all wonderful! I love this one. I love quilts and yet have few. Most of mine are store bought, with a few handmade from church picnic’s etc.

    Your crazy quilt pillows are fabulous.

  20. Hi , this is my first time here.I know I will be back ! Your pillows are BEAUTIFUL ! I wish I could learn some of those stitches. Is there a place on the web that might show detailed pics of how to do these ?
    I am going to add you to my blog list if that is ok.

  21. What were those beautiful pillows doing in a closet?!!

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