Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 5, 2008

More Red & Shabby Shack Buys!

In keeping with "I Saw Red" over at Sadie Olive Designs, I have this today:


I know it looks hot pink, but this is my red Mandevilla vine blooming.


Red hots in a vintage glass jar…


And my very favorite bench, which I painted red.

Now, I just got home from Shabby Shack, a place I know I’ve mentioned before. It is here in Tyler; a big windowless warehouse with no air conditioning! I spent an hour and a half treasure troving. When I came out I had the beginnings of a migraine from the heat. Which I hope I caught in time!

But here’s my box of goodies.


What is in this box cost me a total of $52.20. Want to see what’s inside?


Upon looking closer…


My most lavish purchase. It says Luckenbach, Texas. I’m a Texan (transplanted from Oklahoma), so I just had to have it!


A precious little appliqued and embroidered dish towel.


I’ve been eyeing this particular type glass blue and white balls for several years. But I always ended up walking away because I thought they cost too much. I got all three of these for just under $5. So they had to come home with me! And below them is a little scarecrow-themed linen.


Two antique sewing machine drawers. I had some of these from my great-grandmother’s sewing machine years ago. And I foolishly sold them in a garage sale! I’ve kicked myself over that ever since. (How many things have you done this with and regretted it from then on?) So at $3.99 each, they went in the car! Then there’s the cute little glass blue and white shoe. Kind of pricey at $5, but I love blue and white. And then there is the antique jar. I believe that was $3.99.


And then there’s the vintage tablecloth. It has a couple of corners that need rehemming. But there was no price on it. So she sold it to me for $2.99. Can’t beat that! I just wanted to pay before she thought to call someone and figure out the real price! I shop these babies on Ebay, so I know how much they usually cost.

And I think there’s another little box I forgot to photograph. But what do you think of my treasure trove? For which I sweat buckets, literally!

I’ll find a place for everything, then photograph the little vignettes I place them in.

Make it a Red Thursday! And visit Sara at for your red photos!



  1. love the red bench. I have a jar filled with red hots too! funny. i was going to post it later in the week. xoxo, Joanna

  2. I enjoyed peeking at your treasures I esp loved the sewing machine drawers , I would have scooped them up too! Love the blue and white glass I have several things like that and some delf too.Love your red bench so cute!!
    Take care,
    Diane of Crafty Passions

  3. I love red!!!

    I crack up when I see your photo in the sidebar, hiding behind those flowers! I always think about that show where the neighbor was always hiding behind the fence!

    Happy day,

  4. You got some great stuff! I’ve been to the Shabby Shack – but I can’t do it in the summer! I didn’t know there was no a/c the first time I went and I had a major migraine when I came out! It has to be an early spring or fall thing for me! Glad you found some great stuff though.

  5. That is a very nice box of treasures! The tablecloth is really lovely and what a great price! xo, suzy

  6. I’ve got a thing for vintage tablecloths so normally I’d comment on that, but for some reason it’s your jar of red hots that caught my eye! I like red and gray together so maybe it’s the color against the lid…

  7. You got some great goodies there! Thanks for coming to my party.

  8. Brenda !
    I love those blue and white balls. I can’t believe you got them for that price !
    I collected some Delft while we were in Holland .. they would be perfect in my house .. could you share please ? LOL
    That jug is amazing too .. bring it as well ? : )

  9. I love all your treasures! I wish we had a shabby shack.

    That read bench is darling too.

    The one thing that I’ve sold and hated myself for is an antique firplace mantel. It was gorgeous with carvings of fruit and I loved it. I sold it because we had way too much furniture and I didn’t have anywhere to keep it. Plus we needed the money at the time because a huge check didn’t come before Christmas. It still makes me sick to my stomach.

    off to read more…

  10. uh… that would be RED bench… LOL

  11. Found you through My Little Orange Kitchen, your blog is great!

    I’m in Longview, nice to meet another Texan! Where in Oklahoma are you from? My dad grew up in Rush Springs and my mom’s family is from the Duncan area(but she grew up in White Oak, Texas). Small world.

  12. I love the red hots in the vintage glass jar—too bad for me if they were in my house they’d last about one day before they were all eaten!!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I just love to see what you buy– I am shopping vicariously. 🙂


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