Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 4, 2008

I See Red Everywhere In My House!

Sara, over at Sadie Olive, is having an I Saw Red challenge. We bloggers who want to participate post "red" photos. I’m a red girl at heart! When Sara helped design my blog, I told her I wanted lots of red.

For more, go to


Red is one of my very favorite colors. Whenever I’m shopping, my eye is constantly looking for red objects for my home. Just today, I purchased a red chair at my friend Kate’s consignment shop, Rega Of Paris.


Then I went back and bought this magazine stand I’d seen earlier. My dogs will likely chew the spindles when I’m gone. That’s what they do to show their anger when I leave them. But there it is, handy next to my red reading chair in my garden room.


I love this old red wagon. I had it outdoors, but today decided to bring it in. What do you want to bet I’ll find a cat sleeping up there on those quilts I made before long?


And what color table base next to the chair? Red.

I have two beds in my house. Both of them have solid red quilts on them. You just can’t hardly go wrong with red! It’s such a happy, fun color.

And of course, what color is my cell phone? I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. So some of you already know!




  1. lot of red! I love your little radio flyer wagon… that would be so cute in your garden with some flowers & ivy. Maybe you can find another one on EBAY. LOL xoxo, Joanna

  2. Brenda, I’ve enjoyed seeing all your red!


  3. I’m lovin’ all the red 🙂 Those quilts you made are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful evening my friend,

  4. I love your red theme in the living room, personally my favorite color is yellow!!
    I wish I could paint the world with yellow it would be a much happier place!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog to see my chickens!

  5. I love red! I especially like the red chair you bought — what a find! It looks very cozy with your quilt draped over it. 🙂

  6. I am delighted by your photographs! I think it is the funniest thing that in the past five years I’ve started really liking splashes of red. I’m planning a major overhall of my blog, because I want it to be red. 🙂


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