Posted by: Brenda Kula | June 2, 2008

Crafting A Fancier Lampshade


On Saturday I received the Vintage Vavoom book in the mail. It is by the editors of Romantic Homes magazine. I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and look at it yet. But just having its presence in my house made me want to make something look romantic! I have the crafting bug today!

So I sat in my garden room and looked around. This is the room where I have free reign. It may have a drain underneath the rug. But I’ve been working hard on it to give it my touch of whimsy and vintage romance.

So, I thought to myself. That lampshade over there by the aquarium sure is plain. In fact, upon inspecting it a little closer, it’s downright ugly.


Yuck, it has to go!

I went online to see if Hobby Lobby had a coupon I could print out. They use to have the "Buy one regular priced item and get 40% off." This time, it is only 25%. Perhaps Hobby Lobby has been bitten by the economic bug that seems to be traveling the country right now. But, that’s better than nothing. So I print it out and head across town to Hobby Lobby.

It’s close to noon, and I’m getting a wee bit hungry. So I’ll just look quickly at the 66% off aisles of decorative things they’re trying to get on out of the store.

Goodness, they not only have the 4th of July stuff out, but also the fall items are filling out the aisles. (Going on back I see that they’re even going so far as Christmas. I see the aisles awaiting new shipments.) Okay, I was just going to look quickly and buy my stuff and get home for lunch, now wasn’t I?

I start putting some of the 66% off items into my cart. I will think about buying them as I shop.

In the end, I just bought the craft items I needed with my coupon. I put the other stuff back. At the end of shopping, I usually take a second and third look at what I’m thinking about purchasing. A hard look. Do I really want these things? Sometimes I really do. Today I don’t.

I’m off to Taco Bell to pick up a taco salad to take home. A girl needs to eat before she tackles a craft project!

Now the idea was that I had two completely different standing lamps, and I wanted them to look more similar. I already have one lamp with this same shade, and two more I haven’t decorated yet.

So I’ve bought 3 yards of strung beads. And something to go around the top of the shades. I liked two colors, so bought a yard of each.

Okay, here goes. Heat up your trusty little hot glue gun. Mine is just a cheapy I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. And I’ve used it a lot! I think it cost around $5. Make sure you have enough hot glue sticks before you begin. It usually takes a couple for one project for me.


I let my hot glue gun heat up about five minutes, then I’m ready to start. I put down a few inches of glue, then tack down the beads. This whole process will only take about ten minutes per shade for the beads. Then I’ll decide what else I’m going to do.

Here’s what I’ve decided to put on one shade. Remember, the shades were identical to one I’d already decorated in this room with beads and such. I got them at Lowes for about $15. They just needed some attention, as they were plain. That’s okay. I’d rather customize my stuff to my own taste.



Here’s the first one. But I’m still not through. I think I’ll get out the button jar.


Everyone needs a button jar. I collect buttons from all over. Especially when I see them in stores marked down. And if someone’s getting rid of buttons, I’m there to take them off their hands. I’ve created so many things with buttons! And they’re simply pretty to look at in the jar on the shelf.


I’m sorting through some possible choices here…


All right. I’ve made my choice. I’m going to go with the mother of pearl buttons. I think I have just enough for both lampshades if I do it just so. So I’m heating up the hot glue gun again.



I’m all done. Now I’m going to treat myself to a cold General Foods International Cappuccino Cooler. I get a box of six separate serving packets at Walmart for under $2! I add non-fat milk and ice, and it is a delicious snack mid-afternoon when you’re sort of slumping and tired. (I’m not the type who can nap in the daytime.)

Here’s the finished products. I was trying to achieve several things. One, try to make three different floor lamps look like they belong in the same room. Two, put my own unique stamp on them. And three, have plenty of light to read by with pretty lamps because I hate overhead lighting!

I’ve let the glue set for awhile. Now I’ll turn them on the low setting and give you a look at what I’ve accomplished.

This project cost less than $2 per yard of the decorative edging, (not sure what it’s called)I glued to the top of the shades. And I bought one yard per lampshade. It’s better to have too much than too little, of course. So buy more than you’re figuring on. And the beading was $6.99 per yard at three yards, plus my 25% off coupon. And the project took less than an hour to complete.



Now I need to go outside and water my gardens. It’s been hot and humid here. So I’m finding more things to keep me busy indoors.

Tonight it’s leftover meatloaf for me. And then I’m going to dig into at least one of my new books that came Saturday. One of course was the Vintage Vavoom book I showed you earlier. I ordered that and Country Living Cottage Style from (Remember that when you buy at least $25 worth of stuff from there, you can opt for free shipping! Be sure to remember to check that one!)

And I’ve been wanting the Pottery Barn Home book. It came out about 2005, and it is one big book. Original price was $40.00 U.S. and $55 Canadian price. I found it used at for about $7.99. You don’t get free shipping with the used items. But it is in absolute perfect condition.



  1. Hi Brenda,
    I sure feel like a lazy munchkin reading your post. You got a lot done. I love the lampshade. I still don’t have the Vintage Vavoom book. I think I’m ready for a cold International coffee though, that sounds delicious!

  2. The lampshade looks great!
    I’ve got that book (Vintage Vavoom) on my want list – it will be coming home with me sometime soon!

  3. Your lampshade turned out beautiful!!! I noticed Joanns Fabric doesn’t have the same 50% coupons lately either. Michaels are only 40% on one item.

  4. Brenda, this looks lovely! Those crystals on the bottom really add a lot of sparkle without looking gaudy. Nicely done!

  5. The lamp turned out lovely.

  6. Brenda, cute lamp shades! xoxo, Joanna

  7. Wow – what a dramatic difference in the shade! I hope you enjoy your books… looks like some fun reading. Regarding the chipmunks in our yard, we’ve lived in this house since 1981 and up until about 4 years ago, we never, ever had chipmunks. They have been the most welcome newcomers for sure! I hope they stay forever! P.S. Love your Loyal Companion photos along your sidebar 🙂 They’re all adorable!…Donna

  8. What a difference with your lamp shade! Nice work! I love vintage vavoom too! Isn’t it a great book? I devoured mine as soon as I got it~so nice to meet people that have the same style. 🙂 chris

  9. The lampshades are so pretty! Love the buttons on the top!

  10. Wow, great job! That looks terrific!

    Happy day,

  11. Hi Brenda 🙂

    You’ve really inspired me to do something crafty. That lamp shade looks darling!

    I think I have to get Country Living Cottage Style too 🙂

    off to read more….

  12. Oooooo Love the lamp, very pretty!!

    Tiffany 🙂

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