Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 31, 2008

Repurposing And Storage


Have you tried stacking those trunks for an end table? It’s a good place to store things out of sight. Like books that won’t fit in the shelves. Or a throw or quilt for snuggling up and watching a movie. And they look nice, I think. These are from Hobby Lobby during a half price sale.


How about a place to store your favorite rubber stamps? I have a lot of rubber stamps, so most are tucked away in a plastic container underneath my desk. But there are some I like to have on display for inspiration when I need to make someone a card. So I found this old kitchen spice rack, spray painted it my signature red, and nailed it above my desk.


But that still wasn’t quite enough room for display. I had an old box I’d picked up somewhere that has served many uses over the years. I decided yesterday to repurpose it yet again. I nailed a couple of hangers (those saw-toothed kind you buy at the craft store) to the back edges and nailed it up. (Make it easy on yourself and use a level when trying to hang things straight!)

I keep my camera at the ready in the little antique cupboard you see below. This way it stays safe and within easy reach when I need it.



I love old picnic baskets, but unfortunately my dogs tend to chew wicker. So I placed them high up on these bookcases where they’re unreachable! I store things in them that I don’t need frequently.


What can you do with old kitchen drawers? You can put hangers on the back, as I related earlier, and hang them on the wall. If you want background color, do as I did and wallpaper the back.


I bought these pretty white plates for about a dollar a piece at Shabby Shack around a year ago. I stored them away until now. But I decided that our regular dishes are kind of heavy, and thus I keep managing to chip them. So I’m going to alternate with these white ones. But where to put the dishes within easy reach since my cabinets are already full of regular plates?

I looked around in my garage and came up with this red plastic dish drainer from Walmart. I now have somewhere to store the plates out in the open where I can see them, and they’re near my kitchen table.



Last night I was looking at the vintage tableclothes I’ve started collecting. I wondered where I could display them. So I took a simple drapery rod, and instead of "properly" hanging it with the hardware it came with, I just nailed it to the wall. And very carefully slid the linens over the rod before I placed it over the nails.


Now I can really be lazy! I can reach from the kitchen table down to my potting bench/cookware holder for a plate, while sitting and looking at my pretty collection of tablecloths!

I wanted a sign above it, so I got online and started shopping. But then I thought: wait. I bet I have something appropriate (enough) somewhere around here. This "Bless The Blooms" sign was outside. So in it came.

And here’s another place to store cherished books and magazine publications. If you have an old box, stick them in it and put them on display.


Have fun and a wonderful weekend!



  1. These are all great ideas, Brenda — I especially like the idea of using the drawers as display cases!

  2. Brenda, you have fantastic ideas and are a very resourceful lady.

  3. You have been busy! I have a dish rack sitting on the kitchen counter with odd dishes that I’ve picked up here and there. Those are the ones we use most of the time. Not as heavy as the Fiestaware!
    Lots of cute ideas – love the drawers. I have a picnic basket in the attic I need to get out and use!

  4. Wow! you’ve been busy! Looks great. I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten the soaps already. That was pretty quick. And as I am also having serious problems with both my bathrooms, I know how you’re feelimg! Here’s hoping we both have them fixed soon. 🙂

  5. Hi Brenda! What a lovely blog! How have I never seen it before?? Thanks for your compliments on Patience! If you don’t have a Home Goods, do you have a TJ Maxx or a Marshalls? I believe they are all owned by the same company, TJX, so they might carry some similar type items! Good luck… Hope you find one… Every garden needs a fussy gal who reminds us that patience is a virtue :)…Donna

  6. My daughter was thrilled recently when we gave her one of our old trunks. She’s going to use it as a coffee table in her apartment.
    Great ideas here. I like those rubber stamps. I had no idea they made such interesting ones.
    I see that you like old glass doorknobs too. I have one sitting out on display in my guest room.

  7. Brenda, you have a wonderful creative talent! You have turned ordinary things into wonderful display pieces. Just lovely!

  8. Hi, Brenda. You have some great ideas for storage. I really like the dish drainer one. I have some plates I like to use in the summer, but never enough space to store them in the kitchen. You have given me a good idea how to keep them nearby so I can use them

    Always Growing

  9. You have such a fun house! I especially like the kitchen drawer hanging on the wall. Gonna have to find me some of those!

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