Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 30, 2008

Simple Joys Of Nature


My garden seems to be suffering from the doldrums right now. Just a month ago everything was so lush and pretty. I know it’s just a phase (I hope) and all the pretties will return with abundant and flourishing energy. But it gets really hot and humid here in East Texas. I know when I go out in this weather, I sort of droop myself!

However, this morning when I went out front, one of my Sago Palms looked like this. I put this one out in the courtyard area last spring when I put down flagstone on either side of the sidewalk leading to my front arbor and gate. But I’ve never seen one send up shoots all at once like this. I went through the yard and looked at others both potted and in the ground, but this was the only one that looked like the one below. I thought it looked so interesting. Simple things make me happy!


And here’s another water lily opening up in the pond. They don’t seem to bloom very often, despite the fact that I’ve been fertilizing them every two weeks. Of course I’ve only done that for about a month. I’ve climbed up on ladders and clipped back tree branches to let the lilies get more sun. So we’ll see. Do you know that water lily leaves hate to have water splattered on them? For instance, I have to move my water lily pot back toward the back of the pond so the frog spitter water won’t hit the leaves. This seems a little odd to me, since they are, after all, water lilies.





  1. Your hosta looks really gorgeous! I am starting to grow them and have just a few. I really like them a lot. Your pond is really pretty too!!! I had the same problem with water lilies in my pond. The water kept splashing them and they didn’t bloom for me. This year I moved them into a tub in full sun by themselves. So we shall see what happens.(-:

  2. Everything in your garden still looks pretty lush to me, Brenda. 🙂 That palm is amazing!

  3. Brenda, your garden doesn’t look dull at all, and I bet it will rebound with renewed energy very soon.~~Dee

  4. I look at your garden and see many similar plants growing. I have never tried Hostas, because I always thought it was to hot in my garden. Yours look good.

  5. Hey Brenda,
    It sure looks beautiful to me!

    Have a happy weekend 😉

  6. Hi brenda, everything looks just beautiful to me. I got a mental piture of you climbing a tree to take care of a water lilly. Wow you are dedicted.


  7. Your photos are stunning! What is the plant at the top with the lovely flower? Your hostas are lovely. I’m tempted to try them, but most of my areas are sunny.

  8. Brenda, thank you for your visit. I think you have a very interesting and beautiful blog. I always like to visite your site.

  9. I love your pond, Brenda, and think your garden looks quite lovely!

  10. Hi Brenda,

    It all looks wonderful. You are right, a garden will always surprise you with something new and beautiful. Have a happy weekend!
    xo Lidy

  11. My sago palm is also putting out new fronds. I love to touch the soft, new growth. Once they start to sprout new growth, I cut off the old fronds (they usually are starting to look a little ratty). Your waterlily is beautiful – such a lovely shade of yellow.

    Always Growing

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