Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 28, 2008

And The Winner Of The Giveway Is…


Without further ado, we have the winner of the French Garden House giveaway this morning.

And the winner is…


Jill of Bailiwick Designs! Jill just won a $50 gift certificate to French Garden House, which has the loveliest of things to choose from! Congratulations, Jill!

Here’s a little about Jill, which I gleaned from her site. She is the mother of two, and grandmother of one. She comes from a family of artists. And once you go to her site and look around at what she creates, you’ll know that she is a true artist.

She creates one-of-a-kind totes and handbags, sachets, hats, pincushions, and other things she embellishes with items from her collections.

She lives in southern California.

Jill sounds like a real sweetie, so please go say hi and visit her blog.



  1. Congrats, Jill!

  2. Congratulations, Jill!

    Brenda– love the bowl. I have one, too. Gosh, we have good tastes.


  3. How exciting to come over here and find that I’ve won your giveaway! Thanks so very much to your pets for kindly pulling out my name. Can’t wait to go shopping! ::Jill

  4. Lucky Jill…. That’s a wonderful giveaway!



  5. Hi Brenda,
    Congrats to Jill!

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