Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 25, 2008

Vintage Pillowcases


Aren’t these red and white vintage pillowcases pretty? I got them from Ebay yesterday. I’ve never been an Ebay bidder before. It’s pretty addicting! I’ll have several little packages coming in soon. Mostly linens, as the shipping doesn’t cost very much. This was my first time bidding. And it was so fun!

I thought I’d put them on the pillows on the bed, but I’m afraid if I washed that crochet work, it would ruin it. And someone went to a lot of trouble making these, so I can’t do that. I ironed them, and did this.


I figure I can still enjoy them as a decorative element in my garden room above the couch!

I have this room fixed up as a living area. But underneath the rug is the drain that was in the original patio, which this once was. I’m all for covering up what you don’t want to see and highlighting what you do!

And below is a blue resin basket I picked up at Ross this week. I got all in the mood for discount shopping and hit both the local Marshalls and Ross stores the same day. I wasn’t sure what to do with the basket, so finally decided to put scrapbook paper in it at my desk. The two tin canisters next to it came from Marshalls. I have odds and ends in them. No one says odds and ends have to look like clutter and not be decorative! Hide them in something pretty!



And then the other day I was out in the garage and came across this silver dish drainer I’d bought at Ross for under $5. So I decided to use it as a magazine/book divider.


Each book has its own slot. I have them next to my chair in the garden room, so I can sit awhile and thumb through the pretty pages for inspiration.

It’s always fun to "re-purpose" our belongings. I get bored with things. So instead of always going out to buy something new, I sometimes just go looking in a closet or out in the garage for what I already have. And put it to use in a different way. It’s innovative and fun! And it costs nothing!



  1. Hubby buys all the time on ebay–car parts. The few times I’ve wanted something, I have him bid for me. 🙂

    Oh, you inspire me with decorating, although it is a lot easier to watch you do it than to actually do it myself.


  2. Brenda, I really admire your creativity! Those pillowcases would sure look lovely with one of your quilts, though they look pretty as a hanging, too. Most of those embroidery threads don’t run, but if you were anxious about it, just hand wash them in luke warm water and they should be fine. I have several pair of vintage, hand embroidered cases with handmade lace and they’ve all been laundered without incident. Beautiful — isn’t eBay wonderful? (It’s a great source for plants, too!)

  3. You surely have a flair for using things in such creative ways…beautiful, Brenda!

  4. Wow! Great ideas! Cute stuff too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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