Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 19, 2008

Scattered Thoughts


I really need to go to Canton’s Trade Days and buy another (or more) sturdy birdhouses. This one I’ve had outside for close to three years, and it is wearing well. Which is not always the case with decorative birdhouses! I should have photographed it from the other side. There is a lovely bright blue door knob attached. What was I thinking?


The cobalt blue color of the knob is much the same as this, so I thought I’d pop this little photo in. I love this color. Doesn’t everyone?


I also love the way clear glass photographs. Light reflecting off the surfaces. Scotch, anyone? Sorry, I don’t drink. Just dust the pretty glasses!


Oh my, seems I need to dust these too. Just sitting on the kitchen counter.


These too. They’re actually fake apples and pears from Pier 1. And the red placemat I picked up at Walmart last week. Lots of dusting going on around here after the floor was jackhammered!


I’ll take a rag to these jars too while I’m at it. Is it obvious I love old jars and thread and marbles. I’m a sucker for marbles. I’d better get busy. Dinner’s smelling almost done.



  1. Oh, honey, thank you for your lovely space on the internet! I just took a few minutes to stop by, and I feel refreshed by your photos and comments. I love cobalt blue, too, and oh, I envy you those jars! I’ve got some jars from my great-aunt, gonna fill ’em up.

    I am planning to get a new camera. You inspire me.

    Thanks for the rest.

  2. I was just dusting a bottle of spiced rum this week. Dusting…not polishing off. I drink so little that it had collected a thick layer.

    I found a marble in the parking lot at work the other day and thought that it was better than finding a coin. Some people think finding coins are gifts from loved ones in heaven. What does that say about marbles?

    I have some canning jars just like those in your picture. I like the blue ones the best.

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