Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 18, 2008



A blue dragonfly on one of the pond plants this afternoon. It’s wings shimmered silver in the sunlight.


It’s one of those lazy Sunday afternoons when the dogs bask in a patch of sun on the wood path. And I sit outside with them, relaxing in the shade. After a morning spent working in the garden, puttering around. Transplanting small zinnia and marigold seedlings.


So now the days work is done. And I can just sit and enjoy the bright hues of late spring on purslane.


And some coleus I planted yesterday.


The various sedums are flowering.


And at the front gate arbor, red mandevilla vine.




  1. Boy, your garden is really moving along. Mine’s not far behind but I’m away on business this week and it’s killing me to not be home puttering around in the yard! xo, suzy

  2. Beautiful garden photos. I love the Dragonfly!


  3. Brenda, Those pictures are just WOW. I have so much respect for not only the gardeners, but the photographers who can capture the beauty of the moment. I especially liked the sedums and the dragonfly. Susan

  4. Great shot of the dragonfly! Your garden looks like it’s doing very well!

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