Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 9, 2008

The Blues


I thought I would have a nice, quiet weekend to myself. But the handymen haven’t finished the floors. I was dismayed to see how little they got done yesterday. And they haven’t "managed" to get to the leak behind the bathtub, where mold and mildew are on the walls. So now I’m waiting for a "plumber" to come see if they can take care of it.

I have decided folks just don’t have the ethics they once did. Does that mean I’m getting old and cranky? Perhaps so.

If I felt savvy enough to tackle this mess myself, I would. But there are so many things involved. Electrical, plumbing, etc. I’m just about to the point of reading up on some of this and trying my hand at it.

Yesterday I climbed up on a ladder and clipped tree limbs. Then clipped them into small pieces the trash men would pick up. I wanted my water lilies to receive more sun.

I was so looking forward to being alone this weekend. No workmen around. Which means I wouldn’t have to keep the dogs under lock and key, carrying them about so they won’t get into their way. I can’t put Abi out in the yard and leave her due to her health problems. Besides, then I’d be letting myself in for the fairly certain bet one of them would leave a gate open and out the silly dogs would go. I just can’t outrun a dog anymore!

So yes, I’m a sour puss today and nobody wants to keep company with one of those! So here are a few pictures of "blue" things today besides me!


The quilt above is one I hand-pieced and quilted back in the early 1990’s. I look at those little squares now and wonder how I ever had that much patience!


Yesterday I got my teapots out and cleaned them up. Thought I’d put them on display.


I bought the unusual striped…(well, I don’t know what you’d call it exactly) "thing" at Kate’s consignment shop down the street a few months ago. It reminded me of the marbles I enjoyed playing with as a kid. I still collect marbles! What would you describe it as?




  1. Do the issues ever end? You poor thing. What a pain in the butt! I hope your plumber gets there soon. I love your teapots 🙂

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Gee, I guess I’m going to have to sing Blue Velvet after all, now that will make you laugh and your puppies howl 😉
    We had our neigbors gardeners over at 8:30 tonight mowing their lawn and using the gasoline blower and bringing gravel in – so I’m with you, Blog Sister – cranky! I saw the gravel sitting in their drive way all afternoon, but would they lift it themselves? No. Gosh I sound terrible, but I feel sorry for the gardener having to work at 8:30 at night when he should be home with his family – hey it’s Mother’s Day weekend…
    Anyway, Brenda – I hope you and all your four legged children can have a nice Sunday at least.
    Maybe tomorrow, you’ll be tickled pink? Here’s to that sweets.

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