Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 5, 2008

Starting Over After The Plumbers Left


This is what my house looks like today. Cement floors and thankfully, new paint. Yes, I had my kitchen area painted this same color. I’m mad for yellow, obviously. We live in a dark garden home. We only have windows, thus natural light, on one side of our home. So to me yellow is the answer to brightening things up.

While I herd the dogs and cats, Buddy and his assistant are painting the walls, patching plumbing jobs, and starting on the flooring. This month will feature the main bedroom and hallway. Next month (and another paycheck) will have to be the bathroom. The same bathroom (mine) that has sat without wallpaper, and now flooring, for months. I’m beginning to think au naturel is going to be a finite state around here.

Due to the fact that the bedroom furniture had to be put somewhere else, below is now the state of the main living area. My dresser drawers are stacked atop one another. And everyone has a view of my gowns and under garments if they choose to walk up and look! Hopefully this will get rectified really soon.


Yesterday, I was yearning for the sound of trickling water inside. I have the pond in back and a fountain out in the gazebo. But my old indoor table fountain, good old standby we’ve had for years now, seemed to have bit the dust. So, I decided to piecemeal a water fountain out of whatever I had on hand. Below is the rather rustic result.


I walked around inside and outside the house, looking for a suitable container for my fountain. I happened across this pot, which does not have holes in the bottom. I’m not real happy with the looks of this, but it will do the job for the time being. After all, floors are a priority right now!


I simply took the inside of the broken fountain out, put a new pump into it. And placed it in this pot. Added water, and plugged it into an electrical outlet. Voila! The beautiful, pure sound of water trickling.

Now if I was going to leave it this way, and who knows what I will do next, I’d drill a hole for the electrical cord to go through so it wouldn’t stick right out the top of the navy clay pot. Then I would either paint the inside of the pot, or paint the old part of the fountain that sits inside the clay pot. Or something. It looks totally "unfinished" for my tastes, but with the chaos that is going on in my house (plumbers and painters and cement floors, oh my!), I yearn for the sound of water to calm my nerves.

See, I got the saltwater aquarium in January because I thought, as in former years when I’d owned aquariums, that it would bring me the sound of water running or something equally tranquil. But the new aquariums are amazingly…noiseless. Except for the humming of the pump. I do truly enjoy watching the little world my fish inhabit, but I miss the sound of water.

Some day, hopefully, I will have water features all over my house and yard. Much like the yard I visited Saturday on the garden tour. That is what I aspire to.


I also got a fit of "reorganization and moving the furniture about" syndrome over the weekend. And I moved my bookshelves in my garden room. They were on either side of my TV. But, I decided, once we get my bedroom back together, I will give my old TV away (to the painter) and put the TV that is in my garden room in there. After all, I hardly ever watch TV. And to me, televisions are sort of an eyesore. My husband loves the things; all electronic bits of voodoo I don’t understand or care to learn about. But I’d pick staring at the aquarium any day of the week over watching TV.

Anyway, I decided to arrange the bookshelves in a corner, across from my desk. Sort of a "library effect" in the office area of my garden room. I seem to live in here on rainy days, such as today, when I’m not outside in the actual garden. So I have a couch and reading chairs on one side of the room, and an office atmosphere on the other.

The pets and I are happily ensconced in our little corner of heaven, with water trickling steadily (and soothingly) in the background.



  1. I’m with you on the TV. I’d much rather sit and look out a window and watch the birds.

  2. Sounds like a little bit of heaven to me, Brenda! Especially with all those books!

  3. Brenda, I wish I could send you some good luck. I’m sorry that you’re having to go through all that mess. Hopefully things will go back to normal soon.

    Your neighbor’s garden and the garden tour were lovely. It makes me want to get off this computer and go outside 🙂 I think I will…


  4. I anm sure that you could add something to your aquarium to give it that trickling sound you are looking for. Maybe if you go to your local aquarium store they will provide you with the right tools to have running water.

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