Posted by: Brenda Kula | May 1, 2008

Neighbor’s Garden


Passersby have been stopping to comment on my neighbor Walli’s gardens. She lives behind me, across the alley.


As you can see, she’s in charge of the gardens. That’s why people pass by and recognize her from the sight of her behind as she bends over tending them. I wouldn’t mind having her behind. It’s rather petite. No shame there.


There is a beautiful long raised bed on the corner.


Can you see why people stop to comment on this colorful yard?



This is her back yard.


A woman stopped just this morning to tell Walli she needs to take pictures. Of course she asked me to do it. I wandered over there a few minutes ago. No one appeared to be home. So I took these to give you a glimpse of what we folks around here see on a daily basis.



Isn’t it quaint?


Walli is the queen of estate and garage sales. We tease her all the time. She even found this greenhouse in the background at one of those sales. Can you imagine? How come I’m never that lucky?





Me, I spent the day cutting down tree limbs. My entire house is in complete disarray (which you all know by now puts me on the veritable brink), due to all the plumbing problems. Just when we thought we were safe, we find another leak in the wall behind a bathtub. I knew something was still wrong when I began pulling up carpet strips and nails in there last Saturday.

Yup, another water leak. Last week a hot water pipe burst underneath the house and my floor was jackhammered to fix it. My bathroom has had the wallpaper stripped since the end of January, when I thought I would get to start remodeling that room. Nope, other more important disasters seems to take all the money allocated for that particular project.

Tomorrow three rooms of carpet are being steam-cleaned. On Monday, they start on the master bedroom. I’m having it painted yellow before they start pulling up the carpet there to replace it with some of that new wood laminate stuff. At $60 a box, I can only afford to do that room, the hall, and the hallway’s two closets. We’ll just have to live on concrete for awhile. I figure, if they’re going to do the floor, they might as well go ahead and paint the walls first instead of doing it backwards and making a mess on new floors.

One of these days I want to have my garden room leveled, which would cover up the drain in the middle of the floor that’s hidden under a piece of industrial carpet. Then I won’t have to scoot quarters and pieces of wood underneath furniture so it will sit level! Oh, the mere thought of moving that saltwater aquarium sends a chill up my spine!

You walk in my front gate and think: Wow, that lady’s really getting this place together. Then you venture in my front door, and things are piled everywhere. You veer off onto rough concrete floors. Walls are unpainted. Built-in cabinets in the bathroom are split and damaged from water. And I’m about to pull all my hair out and scream due to the continuous chaos.

I was so happy to get my kitchen remodeled in January when we bought the rental house from our landlord. To get rid of sagging, moldy cabinets and renovate what is now my most prized room in the house. Little did I know…

Here’s how upset the pets are about the state of things at this very moment as I look about my rather rustic garden room where I type. Some day I’m even going to get rid of the outside walls you see here that once housed a patio, and replace them with real walls.









Ain’t it a shame? They never cease to amaze me.




  1. What a beautiful yard. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. You live in a lovely neighborhood. It looks like a happy place. Even the animals are content.

  3. Brenda, your neighbor’s garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Sorry things are chaotic with those plumbing problems! Water problems are not fun. . . been there, done that. I hope everything settles down very soon.

  4. Your photographs are wonderful! Thank you for taking them and sharing. However-sigh- they so make me want to be in the new house in Mobile and getting started with my own new yard and renovations. 🙂

    Your ‘babies’ do look a little tired from disturbances in their home. The pics give me a smile to start the day.

  5. Just checkin’ on you dear. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. thanks for the BEAUTIFUL garden pictures you took, and I think the pets are adorable. Take care of yourself. xoRachel

  6. You should enter your babies in the Cutest Pet Photo Contest and see if you win a year’s subscription to Mother Earth News!


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