Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 30, 2008

Creating A Coffee Bar


This is my breakfast nook. Some of you probably saw it when I had the kitchen remodeled. But today, I was in the mood for a little decorating. So I thought I’d share what I did.

In the far right corner is the potting bench I bought from my favorite consignment shop. I paid $100. Unfortunately, once I had it outside in the elements for awhile, the drawer in the middle fell apart. So I cleaned it up, nailed the drawer back together, and brought it inside. But what to do with it? I decided to utilize it for my Cuisinart pots and pans, (hung with S hooks). Above that are my ceramic kitchen canisters.


In the far left corner is a sideboard I purchased online from JC Penneys about a year ago, for my 50th birthday. It had to be put together. I love the distressed red color. I believe I paid $149 for the sideboard. I use it for my coffee bar, as I refer to it. On top sits the coffee pot I use on weekends when my husband is home. (I use a little four cup coffee maker when it’s just me.)


I buy my Starbucks coffee already ground, as I never seem to find a grinder I like. My coffee is in the middle glass canister, which I purchased at Pier 1 for $10. That was kind of a stretch for me, as I usually don’t pay full price for much of anything. The two glass jars next to the coffee I bought at Walmart for .97 cents each. I like Splenda, but my husband prefers Equal. So I buy both sweeteners and have them on hand near the coffee. All the jars have a rubber seal for freshness.


The Chat Noir print above the sideboard I ordered from If you haven’t perused their website, do so. They have so many wonderful prints in a vast array of categories.


This glass lamp I bought at Target. I bought the lamp base and the red shade separately. That together was around $40-$50. I was so in love with it that I was willing to pay that much. The glass beads around the lampshade I applied and hot-glued myself. I purchased about a yard to a yard and a half of the beads already strung at Hobby Lobby. You simply hot-glue the cloth strip of glass beads underneath your shade where you can’t see it. I have done this with many lampshades to spruce them up a bit.


This is my little four-cup Cuisinart coffee maker. I bought it about a week ago at Dillards. I got a real deal. It was $29, but I had a $10 gift card to go toward the purchase.


My red and blue mugs are all ready for coffee placed on a blue and white platter that I bought from Hobby Lobby. Half-price of course!


I purchased all these signs at Hobby Lobby as well. Half-price again! I paid about $3 each for them. (Sorry about the glare. No matter how I approached this shot, and with or without the flash or lights on, a glare remained.)


This afternoon I went into Target and bought the coffee beans in the Pyrex bowl below. I bought the store brand coffee, as I didn’t want to spend a lot on beans for decorative purposes! I already had the candle in another room. I simply layered some coffee beans on the bottom of the clear bowl, placed the candle in the middle, then scattered more coffee beans around it to hold it in place. I had lots of coffee beans left over. So I put them in a ziplock bag for another day. You should smell the aroma when you enter my kitchen!   


And lastly, this is a coffee-scented candle I bought at Michaels (again for half-price). I sat it in a little terra cotta plant pot that otherwise wasn’t being used. I like the earthy, natural effect it gave to the simple candle.


If you love coffee as I do, or tea for that matter, you can create a coffee bar and decorate it however you choose. It would be nice in a kitchen, dining room, living room or den. Wherever you have a little room to tuck it in. You will enjoy having everything in one place. And your friends will love to sit down at the table, share a cup of coffee with you, and enjoy the aroma of the candle burning in the Pyrex bowl of coffee beans!



  1. Very pretty! You have quite the decorator’s touch.I like the idea of using coffee beans around the candle.

  2. Everything looks great(-: I’m ready for a cup of coffee now!(-: Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! You did a nice job of decorating!

  3. Great looking coffee bar. My husband would love to have something similar at our house. You’ve done a great job decorating your home & garden. I’ve enjoyed those posts.

    Always Growing

  4. Beautiful, and so friendly! A feast for the eyes, the senses, and the soul. I love seeing it– thank you so much for sharing your creativity! I have wanted one of those lamps, red shade with beads, since I saw one a friend has. I now see how I can have it! Thanks, darlin’!

  5. Hi Brenda!
    How cute – I especially love the Chat Noir and the Bon Appetite sign, oh yes and the cannisters. You’ve got great taste and all comes together so well.
    Happy May Day, Brenda!

  6. Good job reusing all those items. Your potting bench is especially nice with the other kind of pot hanging on it. The coffee area looks like it could be in a fine bed and breakfast inn. Nice job.

    Frances at Faire Garden

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