Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 24, 2008

Quiet At Last


Does anyone recognize this flower? It is a large bush-type flower. Probably four feet tall at least. The woman who lived here before me must have planted it. Someone yesterday observed that it might be a Peony. The ants love it, whatever it is. So it must be sweet-tasting. It falls over and has to be propped, though it is supposed to grow in this steel cage it continually spills out of. I’m feeling so sorry for it due to the ants. But I’m not sure what to do.

Below are the leaves. 


I have gotten over my tirade of yesterday. No workmen in the house today. I must begin the process of pulling up those nails and wood pieces that held the carpet around the wallboards. I’m not looking forward to that job.

We’ve decided to just have all of the carpet in the house taken up, lest this happen again and ruin what is left. Besides, we have the Yorkies, and they need hard flooring of some type. Then I won’t have to be worrying about it so much. So I’m researching different options. I’ve considered just going with something concrete, as that’s somewhat in vogue now, and environmentally friendly. The "use what you have" mentality. I’m in the decision-decision stage.

My bathroom remains unpainted. So many things need to be done. It’s hard to know even where to start. I suppose one should paint before putting down flooring…

Here is what I’m taking photos of in my gardens today.


Does anyone recognize the plant below? My neighbor Walli gave it to me last year. It flows down like little teardrops. I’ve cut it back so it will become fuller on top.



The hostas are starting to come up. Some are slower than others. But something is eating at the leaves. And I’m so reluctant to put chemicals in the garden! Any advice?


This vine I started outdoors as seed. I ordered it from Renee’s Garden. I can’t recall the name of it, as I didn’t have the sense to write it all down in a notebook as I’d originally planned. It is growing nicely, whatever it is.




  1. The flower on the first picture could be peony (ants love mine in my garden) by those leaves don’t look like peony’s leaves.
    The plant on your fourth photo could be some kind of a eucalyptus (maybe eucalyptus gunnii).
    Lovely blog. I found your address on Lady Greenthumb’s blog. I am writing from the UK (originally from Croatia).

  2. I am afraid slugs LOVE eating hostas. Put some beer traps near them to kill them humanely.

  3. Because of allergies, pets, and just plain liking it, we built our house with all ceramic tile on the first floor and oak on the second, no carpet anywhere. Love it! Of course, our dear kitty generally will throw up on either the wood or a throw rug. 🙂 Still, when I move, I will be tearing up carpet, never want it again.

    Thanks for your pictures of your lovely plants.

  4. Hi Brenda, The flower in the first picture looks a lot like a peony and ants love peonies but the leaves that you show in the second picture is definitely Oleander. Oleanders are quite toxic so don’t let the pups chew on it. The next plant is String of Hearts. Slugs love to eat away a hostas, that would be your culprits. Lastly that looks like a hyacinth bean vine. Wow, thanks for the quiz! Hope I scored a 100! xo, suzy

  5. Not only do slugs eat the Hosta, the little stems of twigs from the leaves overhead will poke holes in them (the same goes for sharp wood chips) Still, I love my Hosta!

  6. Your fourth plant looks like a Dichondra argentea probably the popular Silver Falls. The last one that you got from Renee’s Garden is a Hyacinth Bean Vine (Lablab purpureus).

  7. Hi, I saw your blog over at Rue’s and decided to drop in for a visit! I have had a blast reading your blog and viewing your gardens! You are a very talented writer! Your flowers are beautiful!

    Come for a visit, if you get a chance! 🙂 ~Rhonda

  8. I got desperate two days ago and sprinkled some sevin on my peonies because they were covered in ants. We normally won’t put any chemicals in our back yard because of the dogs, we don’t even use weed and feed on the lawn.

  9. Hi Brenda (again!),
    That does look like a peony. I love that plant Walli gave you that cascades over the pot.
    Glad you’re doing better today and got it out of your system – bet all your pets helped you out with that!

  10. Everyone already answered the questions, so I just want you to know how jealous I am that your peony is blooming! The ants love the sugar that oozes from the bulb of the flower. I used to bring them inside, but the ants ended up all over the house.

    I’m glad the water drama is over now!


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