Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 17, 2008

The Gardening Deva’s Sculptures In My Garden

This is a little sculpture from my grandson given to me for some occasion.


I purchased these windchimes on my last visit to Tulsa. The Tourists sign I bought at a junk shop for $3.


This is my "already bought" Mother’s Day present from my daughters below. (I told them it would be so much cheaper for them not to have to ship it in May, as it was heavy. I could just take it home and call the occasion "done with." Secretly, of course, I was like a kid in a candy shop and wanted it right now!)

My Yorkie Abi decided she wanted to get in the photo. I decided to put this sculpture near the pond to greet people. She has a heavy round bottom I’ve covered with gravel that holds her upright. This is sturdy stuff!


A better view from another angle. I’d say she’s about two feet tall.


This hanging sculpture is what I bought for myself this visit. When I moved in this house three years ago, there was this stand left in the yard. I formerly had a steel spider’s web hanging on it. I took that off and hung it from a tree limb, so I could put this up in its place when I got home earlier this week.


This is the sign I had the Garden Diva design for my best friend’s memorial garden. It says "Charlyce’s Garden Of Love." She died two years ago next month. When I first received it via mail, the sign was silver. It has since rusted. I tried to clean the rust off once without any luck. Perhaps it is just part of the charm and character.


This is my dear little Pepper’s dog-shaped memorial garden sign. I’ve had it a little longer than the house sculpture above, and it didn’t rust in the same way. I’m not sure why. I’ve toyed with the idea of, if I could remove the rust from the one above, I might spray paint it with Rustoleum paint or something. If someone knows how to remove rust effectively, give me a holler.

Pepper was a special little dog I rescued. I have his ashes in the house in a special-made box. Someday, maybe I can bring myself to place them in his garden. But for now, I like them indoors with me with his photo atop the box. This way, if I ever move, I can take him along with me.


Here is one last view of her, the Mother’s Day sculpture. I like whimsical pieces of art like this in my gardens. Gives it a playful touch. And it makes me smile.   




  1. What a wonderful and delightful looking garden. I’ll bet you really enjoy your time in this beautiful space.

    I love that sculpture from your grandson with the heart carved into the metal too.

  2. Brenda .. I truly love all of your garden art ! .. these are the pieces I have been looking for .. I haven’t found anything like you have here in Kingston .. maybe I’m looking in the wrong places .. your garden looks lovely ! .. it is an amazing connection we all have .. loving our little souls and loving the gardens we make .. it is so satisfying to know we have this special way of ourselves. Your little Yorkie looks adorable .. and I understand the pain of loosing special pets .. they stay with us in our hearts but we miss them so much.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog .. it looks pretty dismal ? right now with now greenery .. but soon ? things will pop ! LOL
    Take care !

  3. Brenda,
    I love all of your garden art. How smart of you to talk your daughter’s into saving on shipping costs and getting the item now! Charlyce’s and Pepper’s memorial items are so precious, I think I would spray them both with Rustoleum before they’re too far gone. I know it will be a long time, but you’ll be happy you did (note to self: Have item in front that I need to take care of!). The item that’s hanging is really neat too. All items are different, yet they all come together so well. And of course, that Abi, just precious – what a model!
    Glad you’re back safe sweets.

  4. I love your garden art. It really adds that little extra something to your garden. Great Mother’s Day gift.

    Jan Always Growing

  5. Brenda,

    Naval Jelly will take off rust. Just be sure to wear gloves. Love your statues.~~Dee

  6. Hi oh love your blog. Denise

  7. Everytime I see pictures of your garden my eyes just take it all in – so many little surprises to see. It looks like such a wonderful place!

  8. YOur garden art doesn’t surprise me at all–it’s joyous and eclectic and wonderful, like the garden’s mother. What a happy post this is!

  9. What wonderful garden art you have, especially the new piece! Such an eclectic haven to enjoy!

  10. Wonderful ornaments. That garden is just one hell of a masterpiece. Everywhere you look there’s a magic Brenda touch. I loved all of your new treats, no wonder Abigail decided to protest and get herself into the picture, I bet she said sth like: ”you’re pointing that camera at the wrong piece of art, woman”.lol. I had some old rusty garage doors that were just so rusty that no one really thought there was any help to it anymore. But Hammerite paint did all the magic. Transformed rust to a sound surface. And the good thing about it is that you apply it directly on the rusty area. Personally, the best paint store discovery I’ve ever made.

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