Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 12, 2008

New Fish And Coral In The Tank


This is the newest addition to our saltwater fish tank. It is a Goby. And I named him Toby. He/she has silver dots on it’s body. Like little sparkles.

Toby was put into the tank several days ago. Yesterday when the lights came on, the Lawnmower Blenny, aptly named Benny, for easy reference, madly chased little Toby all around the tank. It was a spectacle.

Poor Toby is still in hiding today. When he dares to venture out, here comes Benny to chase him around some more. I don’t know if Benny just doesn’t like Toby, or what the problem is. I read that gobies are rather shy, and get bullied easily. So maybe that is the answer. Or perhaps it is the "new guy on the block/in the tank" syndrome.

It looked as though the entire inside of the tank was snowing, as Benny was sifting the sand up so quickly in his pursuit of Toby.

Once Toby came to the front of the glass and stared at me, opening and closing his mouth. I  swear he was saying, "Please help me."


This is the coral Jeff put in there a week or so ago in the upper part of the tank. It is an orange-pinkish color. And there you see my first fish in the tank, Georgie. Right below Georgie (above photo) is the new coral Jeff brought out along with little Toby. It is silver-white and looks like brain material to me, for lack of a better description!


Here is Toby venturing out. That is the one and only time I’ve seen his entire body. Normally, in the past two days that he’s been in the tank, I might get a glimpse of his little yellow head peeking out from between rocks. But he’s wary, as Benny is on the lookout for him at all times, it seems!

I hope this scenario straightens out soon. I don’t want Toby to think he’s in danger for his life. In the safety of my garden room!



  1. I was just “hopping” over and landed on your site. Nice, interesting blog. The flower with the butterfly is exquisite.

  2. Poor Toby!

  3. Fun post, Brenda! I enjoyed hearing about Toby Gobi. I hope Benny gives him a warm welcome, soon. He’s a beautiful fish!


  4. Good Morning Brenda 🙂

    Poor Toby. Maybe he just doesn’t feel like playing. He’s really cute though 🙂

    I put the award you gave me on yesterday’s blog 🙂 Thank you again!


  5. Brenda, Thank you again for the award. I have awarded it right back to you! If you haven’t gotten your “E” on your site yet, see mine for instructions. Thank you!!

  6. Love Toby – he would fit in my project yellow this week!
    I also like Nemo, I mean Georgie!
    Will wait for “the rest of the story.”

  7. Hi Brenda,
    My thoughts go out to Toby. Hope he’s doing better by now…
    I’m still thinking on the E Award (very important stuff!).
    How was your trip?

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