Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 10, 2008

Unexpected Surprise


Just now got this butterfly photo outside. Isn’t it pretty there on that matching flower?

Well, what do you know! I just got an "E" for Excellent award from the lovely Viooltje over at (Lady Greenthumb’s Garden). She gardens in Zagreb, Croatia. Just this morning, I was talking to someone in a doctor’s office, and I said: "You know, I get the pleasure of seeing gardens from places such as Croatia! Can you imagine? It’s just so much fun blogging!"

I am so pleased by this, Viooltje, I just can’t tell you. (And will you please email me on how to pronounce your name? I would surely appreciate it. I’m just an Okie living in Texas. I’m simply not that worldly, I’m afraid).

It is my first award, and I shall exhibit it proudly! (If I can figure out how!) Thank you so much for this. Now I get to go visit my four year old grandson in Oklahoma tomorrow and say, "Look what Grammie won!" Of course, if it isn’t a toy, he won’t be that enthralled. But I’ll feel smug anyway.

Now I have to give it to ten other bloggers of merit that I very much admire. And that will be no problem at all, as there are so many I love to read. Now if I can just nail it down to ten…

Let’s see: first I’d like to give it to…

Rosa, who blogs at Diary Of A Middle-Age Gardener, (Middle-aged, my ass. You’re just a youngster. Wait till you turn 50.) Rosa was my very first blogger friend, and she lives in Canada. She is so interesting and humorous. She drives a school bus, and one day mentioned that she loved puddles. And that sometimes when it’s been raining, she’ll drive the bus straight through one of those puddles for the sheer joy of splashing! And pretend to the kids that: "oops", I didn’t mean to do that." I thought that was wonderful, a woman feeling free enough to express such a simple pleasure. And pretending she hit that big puddle by accident! It touched me somehow. I feel as though I can hear you speak when you write. And your words always "speak" to me. Love you, Rosa.

Tracie, over at My Petite Maison You have certainly become my blogging buddy too. Just through your words, I can tell you have such compassion and soul! I love all the pretties you display. And the fact that you find junk (or is it the more exotic "junque?") as much of a treasure as I do. Her blog is so visually appealing, and just soothes your soul. She writes about all kinds of fun things. And like me, and most of the others in fact, she is an animal lover. (Tracie, I mentioned to my adult daughter one day recently that only pets and sometimes grandchildren get posted on blogs. Adult children like she and her older sister just don’t make the cut!) Tracie, you’re a treasure. I love your photographs and your love of life. Not sure what your blog name means, I’m big enough to admit, but it means a lot to me!

Dee, at Red Dirt Ramblings, She gardens in Oklahoma, where I myself was raised in the "red dirt garden." She is a wonderful writer, not just a blogger like me, and I admire her wit and her style of putting words on the page. She’s a busy lady, and still manages to keep up with her blog! You have the most full and satisfying smile (saw ya in a snapshot someone at the Blogger’s Spring Fling took last weekend! Gotcha!) And sweet as molasses, you are. I regularly come truckin’ up that red dirt road to see ya! And when I do, I see myself haulin’ you know what up that big hill on your blog banner to visit a spell.

Curtiss Ann, Pressing On, who writes fiction too. She publishes real books and everything! I wanted to write fiction once, being a journalism graduate, but "life got in the way," so to speak. But Curtiss Ann, you obviously have what it takes to go the mile, and I take my hat off to you! (She’s so gracious she rarely mentions these achievements in her blog!) You have to dig around to unearth her skeletons. Unlike me, who lets it all hang out! Curtiss Ann, I’m going to make an herb gardener out of you yet, no matter where you end up living! Your words are smooth as silk, hon.

Cielo, The House In The Roses, I can’t pronounce your name either, but I sure as heck can manage to spell it. You have such a romantic, beautiful blog. I only found it recently. But I am completely enamored of your site, and also charmed by you. (Her photo looks exotic! Me, I hid behind flowers in mine!) And you just can’t beat a blog about roses. Cielo, you manage to make your blog so appealing that I just keep coming back for more. You’re the real deal.

Rue, Aptly named, of course, Rue’s Peanut Butter And Jelly Life! I found this blog and thought, now isn’t that an unusual but appropriate name. Brings back memories of my daughters when they were girls and always wanting that simple, yet so very delicious sandwich! She’s just got the cutest blog it makes you want to hug her. She blogs from Ohio. Her birth name is Heather. But, at least on her blog, she goes by her nickname Rue. She’s real special. You’ll find that out yourself, though. Rue, there’s just something I seem to like about you, period.

Kim, over at Something To Say, Kim has a "little something to say about everything." She blogs from Washington. I like your spirit, Kim, and the photo that sort of looks like a school teacher getting ready to reprimand a student. (Don’t you take that wrong now. That’s just good old "Brenda speak.") And I also like the fact that you seem a little irreverent and fun-loving like me! Hope you take that comment well! Kim is a designer/illustrator by trade and goes out into the trenches every day. She writes about life with a wit I truly enjoy, and I get a good laugh while I’m at it! Her blog is so unexpected. You just never know what you’re going to find when you visit Kim.

Nicola, who loves daisies, as I do, and blogs over at Nicola’s Daisies, She is a wonderful photographer, as well as a great writer who I love to read every chance I get. She blogs in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, a place I’ve never been, but would love to visit one day. Nicola, I like your style, girl! I can’t imagine (after being named simple old "Brenda"), what it would be like to wake up one day and have somebody call you something as pretty as "Nicola." Wow, I not only want to meet you. I want to meet your mother too! You’ve got the sweetest blog.

Beckie at Dragonfly Corner, I never get to comment on your blog, because I don’t seem to be smart enough to figure out Blogger’s way of allowing comments. I want you, my dear, to add all those little additions to your commenter’s page that allows people to sign in through their URL! I can’t contact you, so I’m up "you know what" creek without a paddle. I love to read your blog, but I’d love to chat too. Please help this simpleton communicate with you. You have such wonderful things to say, and photos to match, that I just want to be able to say so from time to time! (Darned but if nearly everyone I picked has a Blogger account!)

And last but most assuredly not least, Sandi’s blog over at Whistlestop Cafe Cooking, If you like to eat, (and most of us do), you have to go visit Sandi and her husband Bill over at Whistlestop Cafe. Sandi, your food looks downright "finger-lickin’ good." I always get scrumptious recipes, photos of good cooking, and my mouth just starts watering immediately. I found you just recently, Sandi, but I regularly stop by to visit. I’m not the best cook myself. But I can read your blog and pretend. They have down-home cookbooks over there, sell old-fashioned aprons, and their website is fun to visit as well. There’s a whole history you will recognize immediately. I won’t tell you here, because you need to go read it all yourself.

I’m proud to give all ten of these faithful bloggers "E" for Excellent. You get real good marks from me, each and every one of you. And while I’m at it, I thank you for coming to read my entries that are about anything and everything and seem to run the gamut!




  1. Hey Brenda, I just got your message. I feel honored to be included with such lovely blogs.

    I see you picked Curtiss Ann. She is my dearest friend. What do I do if I want to pick her too?

    BTW, all that stuff about you not being a writer. You’re a writer, girl. I love your writing. Where did you get that journalism degree?

  2. Well, Brenda~
    A little bird came over and told me – I would say the Blue Bird of Happiness in this case! First, congratulations you fellow animal lover and gardener (I’m striving to be more like you with the gardening, I have the animal lover part down). I love to come here and learn and feel like a rose, soaking in the sunshine – reaching for that warmth and growing a little each day taking in a little more knowledge about trying to have a green thumb – see, trying is the key word here!
    I love to hear of the animals adventures and you’re a lady after my own heart with your love of your dogs and cats – pet people share a special spirit!
    Brenda, I’m glad you enjoy coming to visit me too and you have made my day receiving this from such an animal lover, gardening expert and kind person. And…I think the world of you for putting it out there – that’s why I love your blog! I’m just coming from My Petite Maison – My Little or Small House (since I love all things french!). Brenda, you’re a sweetheart – make sure you tell Riley all about it for all of us, even if he doesn’t care – what kid would? I agree with you on Rue (she’s fantastic) and Cielo (I’ve always wondered about her name too). Everyone else, I do not know – so I better go congratulate them tomorrow when my head isn’t in the clouds – Sweet Brenda, Happy Night to you and your four-legged friends (and your hubby too!).
    My Small House!

  3. OMG Brenda! You are so sweet. All those wonderful things you said about me….

    I never know what to to write when I get an award because I’m a flattered, blushing mess when it happens LOL Thank you seems like such a little thing to say, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You deserve this award. You are an excellent writer and I can feel your emotions when you “talk”. I’m extremely impressed with that. Congratulations and thank you again.

    Big Giant Hugs,
    rue 🙂

  4. Thank you Brenda! That’s very sweet of you. I always enjoy your blog and the gardening posts make it a little easier to wait for spring up here on the Canadian prairie. 🙂

  5. Brenda– I’m so excited! I could almost cry. I sure love reading your blog, and no surprise that you received an E for excellence award, for surely your blog is so in ever way. I am honored beyond measure. You give me something to live up to.And what do you mean not a writer? You write beautifully, one of the things I love about your blog!

    Now, I’ve only been blogging a short while. I don’t know how I will choose ten!

  6. Brenda, Thank you!! I am indeed honored. I will try to fix my problem?! I always enjoy coming here, it’s like sitting down with a cup of coffee and chatting (or gossiping!). Thanks again!

  7. Brenda, me again! I allowed everything I could find??!! Also, Am leaving this afternoon for a girl freinds get away weekend. Will award my 10 and try to figue out haow to get symbol on my blog on Sun. Thank you soooo much!

  8. Thank you! I am so glad that I found you! And I just discovered many excellent other blogs!

  9. Brenda, thank you very much for the excellence award. I was really touched by the kind things you said about me. It is so cool to know that our there are people actually not only reading my blog, but enjoying it too.

  10. Thanks bunches for the award! I am amazed that you’ve been lurking~ I am glad that you have enjoyed hanging out in my kitchen.

    You ‘MAKE MY DAY’ with that… come pick up yours!

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