Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 9, 2008

Blue Moon Gardens Purchases


The above photo is my bounty from Blue Moon Gardens. There are various thymes, sweet woodruff, sedums, sage, lemon verbena (love that scent!), chocolate mint, sweet potato vine, some tiny flowered plants in the petunia family, and tansy.

This is the chocolate mint. Tucked into the little bed just underneath the now infamous dining room window. A shady little spot where I also have common mint, hostas, and other shade-loving specimens.


Below is the sweet woodruff. It is a perennial plant. It is supposedly for moist areas, and I haven’t planted this herb before. I placed it behind the pond, hoping that was moist enough. Though I’m rather doubtful about that, as I have to water it every day. But we’ll see. Oops, I just saw that it wants partial shade. So I shall have to go out and dig that baby up!) It has tiny white flowers May-June. The chartreuse plant is a sedum. And I just love it. I have a big planter of it in the courtyard.


I hung this fountain around back. But I didn’t have a close electrical source to plug it in to use as a water feature. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll use it for a planter. So here are a couple of the small-flowering plants from the petunia family planted in two small pots. And above that I put some gravel in the basin and planted a sedum, as they like the heat. If it starts looking bad because there are no drainage holes, I’ll have to move it. 


Below is the Elfin Thyme. I put it in the gravel and flagstone bed. That bed also has sedums and other thymes in it.


To read on…


The above photo is lemon verbena. The scent will floor you. Well, if you’re the type to read this entry, it likely will!

This is another thyme I picked up to put in this same bed.


Below is the pot I planted the tansy in. It is the elegant, long-leafed plant in front. Tansy is a perennial herb. It has strongly aromatic leaves, and as many herbs do, repels insects. It will have attractive button-like flowers. I have it in full sun next to my gazebo. This way my neighbors and I can sit in the comfy shade and the insects will go the other direction! Hopefully anyway!


Below are some more sedums. The pot looks a little bare right now. I may add something else, but they spread quickly. I just love sedums.


Below is the purple sweet potato vine. It is a fast-growing annual that will spill over and vine all over the place.


Below is the small area where I just ran out and put the sweet woodruff. It’s supposed to rain, and I hurried out to replant it. It’s in the very center, though I don’t have a photo of it here. I will take one once it grows a bit. This little area is in between my brick, flagstone, and wood paths that intersect.


This whole side of the house has no grass. I tried to make it easier on myself last year by planting all beds, flagstone areas, gravel areas, and pathways. I took the last bit of lawn up earlier this year. This way I can focus on the plants and pond, and not have to worry about grass and mowing. I like it much better this way. If I could, I would replace the grass in my yard entirely, as it is better environmentally, they say, not to have to irrigate and water lawns to keep them green. But I’m sure my husband would balk at that idea!

When I moved into this home there were virtual jungles lurking, large fences hemming the jungles in, and trees and shrubs grown amok. In the East Texas humidity, plants grow quite lush. So please, if you live in this type area, leave your plants a little space when planting. They will spread quickly given the right circumstances, location, and watering. And you too will have a jungle to deal with!  


  1. I love the look of your planted fountain! You might want to put a layer of gravel under your petunia pots to keep them from sitting in water if it rains. I had to do this in a birdbath I use to hold a planted pot. My bird bath is cracked though and so drains over time.
    You’ve gotten some beautiful plants. Have fun!

  2. HI Brenda, I love your herbs, a garden can never have enough of them. I am always looking for something new and different as well as the old stand bys. I am just starting my 3rd year in this house and the gardens are slowly evolving and emerging. I am so on the same page as you, if I could dig up all the lawn I would! But my husband would have a heart attack, he just can’t wrap his mind around that one! xo, suzy

  3. Brenda, I love sedums too. I don’t have that little light green one you show. I’ll look for it. I have another which is chartreuse called ‘Aurea.’ It’s very nice.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your haul.~~Dee

  4. I don’t know if you were at the Blue Moon in Texas, but if so, you have found my favorite nursery.

  5. Brenda girl… you are puttin’ me in the mood for planting! I can’t do it yet because we still have a chance of frost, but I am so ready 🙂

    Loved all the pictures!

  6. I love the fountain idea! Gorgeous!

  7. Love what you did with the fountain – it looks great.

    Jan Always Growing

  8. oh swoon—– swoon— sigh

    snow still here but patches of dirt

    you will love sweet woodruff– it is lovely and spreads really well especially between small rocks and crevices

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