Posted by: Brenda Kula | April 2, 2008

Blogger Comments

I have to get a few things off my chest right now. I have quite a few blogs I read over at Blogger. I don’t know if I’m just losing it or what. But some of you have Blogger accounts where I am able to comment, and others do not.

Here is the difference I am seeing. Some of your blog comment forms have different options when it comes to commenting. One is just to sign in to Blogger. The other is to use the other blog formats and sign in to them. I try and sign in to mine (Typepad), and it won’t accept my comment. It says "Incorrect URL." There must be something I am missing here. 

Today has been a rough day, as my friend’s dog across the street got run over and killed. I have had a slightly crazed or otherwise unbalanced man at my dining room window while I sit here like a deer in the headlights. I am obviously agitated right now. But I am stymied by this inability to comment on fellow bloggers blogs! I’m sure I will look at this tomorrow and actually cringe at this venting.

Also, isn’t there some way to protect our blogs over there without having to copy senseless letters? I’m sure that is Blogger’s policy. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Or maybe there is and you don’t want to for obvious reasons. But I constantly type it in wrong, as the letters are often difficult to figure out. They are slanted and crooked, and I look at them through eyes that would normally indicate that perhaps I’ve "had a few", and have to start all over again. (And I do not drink at all!) Isn’t there another way? I’m sure I should check in to ways to protect my own blog better. But then, if you’ve read my blog today, you already fully realize that I trust far too easily.

I have a college education, am a fairly savvy (or so I thought) individual. I never have a problem with other blog hosts except for this one. I realize that I am in a stage of my female life that often seems to adversely affect my judgment.

When you guys read my blog and leave comments, I am thrilled. I truly appreciate, read, and cherish each and every one of them. I would like to come visit and chat with you too.

Someone please clue me in. I feel like the only one who doesn’t see the big gray elephant in the room, and it’s right in front of me.




  1. I never have trouble leaving a comment but I sure don’t like typing in those crazy letters either. I finally had to give in and set mine to do the same thing because I was getting some spam that was not too pleasant. Now I don’t have it at all, so I guess it works.
    Are you making sure that http:// shows before your address? Sometimes that is required.
    I’truly sorry about your bad day.

  2. Okay Brenda, take a deep breathe and step away from the computer! It will get better, I promise. I am sorry for your day and I have been thinking about you and the guy, hoping it worked out.
    As for the letters, they are truly a pain in the…and I have more trouble than I care to admit!
    But they do seem like a necessary evil. When I did away with mine for a couple of days, I too, got spam and some nasties. So They are back on.Is there someone else you uses the same account like you that you can talk to? In the meantime, I know you are reading mine and that what counts. Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. Brenda, thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I don’t have the crazy letters, (never needed them), and I hope you didn’t have any other trouble.

  4. I took the letters off mine a few weeks ago. The only difference I’ve noticed is an occasional spammer. If I get too much weirdness, I will put them back, but so far so good. I agree they are a pain.

  5. Hey Brenda,
    Don’t you just hate it when technology gets the best of you! ( or spelling? lol) It drives me crazy! I don’t have the letters for my comments and have had only the occasional spam so far.
    I hope somebody will be able to help you figure out this problem.
    I’m also very sad to hear about what happened to your friend’s dog.
    Here’s hoping tommorow’s a better day! 😀

  6. I took those verification letters off my blog awhile ago as I found them annonying. I still have my comments moderated so I get to check them out before they get posted, and I don’t get any spam. I guess some folks feel they need that extra security but I don’t think it isn’t needed. I get annoyed if I have to keep signing into to leave a comment too, and usually just don’t leave anything.
    Hang in there, I’m sure today will be a better day.

  7. OK, first of all, the guy at your window is really creepy…so that seems like the biggest issue…is he somehow connected to the loss of the dog? Secondly, it took my mom about three weeks to figure out how to leave me a comment on my blog…and I finally had to walk her through it. Blogger’s comment process is not really user friendly. Hope your week improves!

  8. Brenda,
    It may not be you. The blogger you are visiting has to have their settings set to accept those using typepad. I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Some only accept other Blogger accounts.
    Hope this helps.

  9. As one of the bloggers with crazy letters. I do really appreciate and enjoy your comments. But I have in the past been spammed or whatever it is called with random advertising using my blog. By using the verify letters these can only be read by really people, a malignant computer generated spam can not read them, that is why they look so crazy. So I am really sorry for using them, I don’t want to put you off. But I also don’t want to open up my blog to a bunch of hackers and their code.

  10. Hey, I am just now getting to this post. LOLROFL! You said what I’ve been too shy to say. However, I’ve discovered that if you go ahead and get a Google/Blogger account and password and sign in, then you do not get those letters. I got one a long time ago for a certain post I used to read, but I forgot what it was. Then I got a google mail addy and signed in with it. I had to write this one down. And if I am not signed in and my notebook is somewhere else, well, I cannot comment.

    Who was the man at your window? Did you post about this and I missed it?


  11. Oh, darn, correction– I was just at a blogger site, logged in, and I still had to do those letters. They were legible, so I did it. Don’t often.

  12. I know this is a YEAR after the fact but there was an upgrade with either Notepad or Blogger I can’t remember which and they were not about to communicate with either for quite some time. I had several friends complain.

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