Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

Got the new camera Saturday! I’m now trying to figure out how to do what.


This photo is taken from my own yard. The pink azaleas are in my neighbor Ralena’s yard right across the street. I took this from about a hundred yards.



The azaleas are coming in slow this year. They’re just now beginning to be really pretty here in my neighborhood.

Clyde in his usual spot on my printer. I hope his long fur doesn’t clog up the darned thing.


Here’s one of my random thoughts today. If you have a blog over at Blogger, I want you to know I visit quite a bit. Beckie, if you’re reading today over at Dragonfly Corner, I have left you I don’t know how many long comments. But for some reason (and it may just be me), I can’t get your comment page to take my comments. I’m also having trouble over at your friend’s blog (Prairie Rose Garden). I couldn’t find a way to email you. So if you’re reading this, please give me a holler through my email here on my blog. Maybe it’s something simple and I just can’t figure it out.

These are some of the pink azaleas in my yard. I have two other colors that aren’t real pretty yet.



For more photos and random thoughts…


Above is a Lady Banks rose I bought Friday.

Below is the back of my pond. Plants are starting to green and spread out now. I finally found someone to move that big black filter that obscured the looks of the pond. It’s farther back now. I’m trying to figure out if I want to add another small pond there at the back of the first one.


Here’s another random thought. I’ve been posting some rather personal childhood memories lately. I kind of cringe when I hit "Save," as I don’t know how it goes over with other folks.

I’ve toyed with the idea of just putting them in an online journal to keep to myself. But, being as my husband is a psychiatrist, I figure there’s lots of people out there with similar stories. And they may or may not want to have a forum in which to put these type of memories.

Sometimes it helps to share. A woman with another wonderful blog named Meredith had it pretty tough herself. And she asked me to share more of my story. So I did. But it may be that people would rather just see pretty pictures of flowers and not go into all that.

My other thought was that for bloggers who have Typepad like me, or other formats, you may have the abililty at the bottom of the posting page to add a continuation page. I’m trying that out. On my blog, it’s at the "Customize the display of this page" on the right hand side. So for those who want to share, but don’t want it on the front page, you could try this process.

Some people just aren’t ready, or don’t want to do it altogether. I’ve found, for me, that it’s not so good feeling isolated with these type memories. I’d rather know others are out there who have faced similar things, and know how they walked themselves down the long road through it and beyond.

So, for those who want to, I’m sort of opening up a forum in which to share what you will…


It’s Bluebonnet time!



  1. Your new camera seems to be taking great pictures. Our azaleas are about played out, but it is nice to see pictures of where they are still blooming.

    Jan Always Growing

  2. Brenda, I did email you, hope you get it. The pictures are wonderful! You really do have lovely flowers and wow! a pond!! As for sharing your self. Why not? Those of us who want to know will read and those that don’t…Oh well, go somewhere else! I think of my blog as a place to visit with friends, share a little gardening, talk about my joys and my sorrows, just like I would if the friend was with me. That’s the great thing about this blogging-a way to share and meet others who have similar interests. Do your thing!!

  3. Ooh Brenda, Your new camera takes such nice pictures, not to mention the photographer is quite talented.

    Clyde sure looks big, but maybe he’s mostly fluff?

    If you get a chance, will you pop over to my blog, I want to ask you what kind of tree is growing in my front yard, I know I’m a doofus – but I can’t seem to find out what it is – this may be a first… request from blog to blog??? It’s the first picture…

    I love coming here to visit you and your four-legged friends!

  4. Oh, my goodness– what a camera! And what beautiful flowers! I do so love azaleas. They do not grow well here in my alkaline sandy clay soil. I very much look forward to having azaleas when I move to Mobile, where they must be blooming. Thanks for sharing.

    CurtissAnn, waving with envy.

  5. Well, duh, I missed the continuation link to the Random Thoughts, until I read the comments, so I went back. I think you’re sharing what I call experience, strength, and hope of your own story is so very brave and honest. I appreciate it. I find such sharing very hard to do, but you inspire me. I grew up in an alcoholic home, many stories that I feel I want to share, but then I go and think of my mother, who is still living. LOL! So, little by little, and thanks for sharing.

  6. Good photos of beautiful blooms. I love your dogs, they are so cute. Are they yorkshire Terriers?

  7. Wonderful photos! Things here are just beginning to bloom. I look at how lovely it is behind your pond and I’m anxious now – my pond is bare.
    I so enjoyed my visit with you.

  8. Okay, ignore anything I may have said about not liking pink. Those azaleas are gorgeous! I love azaleas. Too early for them here. Clyde is quite handsome.

  9. Thanks for the kind thoughts on my site, Brenda. Keep up the fine work with your camera. (Just don’t peek in my windows);)

  10. Wow. Those azaleas are awesome. And both yourself and the camera did a great job. Btw I also had people not being able to post comments on my blog last few days , but only in my last post. I don’t have a clue why.
    Oooh Clyde seems to be lovin’ it up there. My two furballs are attracted to the printer noise, and when the paper comes out and back in for duplex, it usually ends up with claw prints or paper jam.

  11. I think the more personal and open a post is, the more compelling. Keep telling your story! Judging by all the comments here, lots of folks are interested and reading.

    As always, lovely azaleas. 🙂

  12. I am soooo enjoying your blog. I am going back and reading, I started about a week or so ago at the end of Nov ’08 and read to current and then a few days ago I went back to the very first post and now I’m here. kind of a funny journey. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy coming here and relaxing through your shared days.

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