Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 29, 2008

Coral Versus Camera?

A rainy day in East Texas. I know my spring blooms are grateful, as I’m sure they prefer nature’s showers to my water hose.

I had another fish aquarium problem this morning. I don’t know if it was due to more plants propagating inside the tank (refer to the rather "green" sexual incident that occurred a few weeks ago). Or the fact that I cleaned the inside of the tank with a sponge I rinsed in the sink, without knowing I was washing away useful bacteria. Salt water aquariums are difficult to keep in balance, it seems. And I’m new to this hobby.

I wake up this morning and the tank is very white-tinted again. I rush to rip out every plant that has attached itself to the live ocean rock, then change some of the salt water. Isn’t there a movie about a plant that becomes a monster and besieges an entire town?

I paged Jeff from Lone Star Aquariums at home. (We’re getting to know one another rather well!) I did wait until 9 a.m. (How considerate of me!) He is in his twenties, and I’m sure would have preferred Saturday afternoon, or better yet Monday, to anything with a.m. or weekend factoring in!

He came over and added carbon and changed the salt water in the aquarium.

And we also made an unusual exchange. Camera for coral. I’m awaiting the FedEx truck right this moment, which is said to be out for delivery with my new camera. Jeff knew it was coming, and asked what I wanted for the one I had. I ended up giving him my digital Canon Rebel. I was having such problems with it. Whenever I tried to take a picture of something, sometimes it would do nothing. Push and push on the little button. Turn it off. Turn it back on again. Finally a photo. Or it would stubbornly make a close-up shot all blurry and indistinct. 

In the exchange, I received a beautiful piece of saltwater coral, which can be expensive. So now I have yet another new baby in my tank, if that can be said of coral.

It’s so odd. I feel a little naked without a camera. I feel as though a child has just left home. Everywhere I look, there is a photo waiting to be taken. I quickly downloaded the photos I had taken yesterday on the camera and handed it to him. Gave him all the brochures and software (I keep everything filed). And watched as my baby walked out the back door with my aquarium service.

I did not realize that my camera had become an appendage to my body. What is that on the end of my right arm? Oh, yes, it’s nothing. Not without something digital attached to it.

I’ve allowed myself to become consumed with yet another electronic device. I’m lost when the internet connection is temporarily disconnected. I don’t care much for TV and such, so that doesn’t bother me. But take my internet connection, my computer, and my camera, and I’m a basket case!

So here we sit. Not about to go out and do things on Saturday as we usually do. Not when my beloved camera is most likely zipping around town on various routes on a truck, in a box with dozens of other innocuous boxes. I hope Mr. FedEx delivery man is not lead-footed and my camera isn’t getting jolted at every corner!

On a lighter note, my new True Percula clownfish Porgie is getting along "swimmingly" with his/her mate Georgie. Seems they’re getting along so well, they’re already doing a mating dance. (I asked Jeff why Porgie was acting as though he/she was having an epileptic seizure, and he said it was a mating dance. Oh my.)

I find myself cocking an ear whenever I hear a sound that could remotely be a truck turning the corner. When did I become so dependent on a camera? I wasn’t this excited to get my computer last month.

Pictures await. The flowers are blooming. The seedlings are growing by the minute. And I don’t want to miss one good shot! I will keep you updated!

Now didn’t I promise myself I was going to get in a lot of reading this weekend…


  1. And so….
    Was it the fed ex man at the door? Do you have the new camera?
    I sure hope so!

  2. Kudos to you on the new camera!

  3. Brenda,
    I know how you feel. I carry my laptop up and down the stairs – my precious, as I call it!

    I feel for you and hope it was the FedEx driver rounding the corner. Say cheese!

  4. gave up your camera?!! Even with a new one coming I don’t think I could do least until I had the replacement in my hands! Mine is a Canon Rebel, and thankfully behaving itself very well. What’s your new one?
    I can totally relate and am chuckling at your ‘obsessions’ and nodding my head 🙂
    Glad the fishies are getting along swimmingly!

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