Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 24, 2008

Tag, You’re It

Okay, so the wenches ( tagged me. That means I have to tell ten things about myself that you probably wish I’d just kept to myself. My oldest daughter, 33, tells me that I’m brutally honest. Too much so. So what comes into my head usually finds its proverbial way out of my mouth!

1. I’m a voracious reader of books and magazines (I know, makes me sound oh…bookish, dignified…snooty.) Snooty I ain’t! Dignified is a word that’s never been applied to me. I’ll take bookish. I’ve always worn glasses anyway. (No play of vanity was going to make me wear contacts.) My usual reading includes diverse material all the way from weekly politics to things like People magazine. I love women’s fiction and a good legal thriller. When I was a kid I use to like to read the dictionary! 

2. I’m regrettably compulsive. Oh, I’ll amend "regrettably." Compulsive is actually a good thing. Isn’t it Martha?) That means I have to be on time. And so does everyone else.

3. I can’t stand the sound of a clock ticking when I’m trying to sleep. (Or any other time, really.) That rhythmic tick-tock, tick-tock just gets to me somehow. Hate loud noises too. So I’m kind of a hermit in many ways. I am a Meals On Wheels volunteer though, so maybe you’ll think I’m a little more normal after I added that caveat.

4. I curse like a sailor. I use to write articles about some really disturbing stuff in my days as a journalist. I like to say I’m simply colorful. I’m not a mean-spirited person who directs it at unsuspecting people. Or people I don’t know, and certainly not children. Just with friends who know me well and know I’m full of fun. Don’t smoke or drink, so have to have a vice or I’m not considered human. So it goes without saying, I hate to be around stuffy, uptight people. Life is short, so really it’s time wasted.

5. I like things clean, but hate to clean the refrigerator. I seem to overlook it’s general nastiness until I have to mop something up, and then keep going and finally clean the whole thing.

6. I need a navigator to just walk around. Wish they’d make one for people like me. This morning at my gynocologist’s office (told you I was brutally honest) I couldn’t find the elevator in a small office and went to the door instead, and I’ve been there at least half a dozen times.

7. I’m not good at parties. Don’t even attempt to go to them. (Would you believe I’ve lived to be 51 and never been to a New Year’s Eve party?) Don’t like small-talk. Just small groups of people.

8. I have this odd ability to spot a misspelled word without reading the content. People find this disconcerting. I’m not saying I never misspell a word, cause that’s not the same thing.

9. I really threw myself into gardening full-tilt when both my dog and then my best friend died in my arms two years ago, less than two months apart. Pepper, my pound pup, actually died two years ago today. I was going to post something about that. But I guess I just did. And this list is less likely to make me cry. I created memorial gardens in my yard for each of them. And then just went from there. But I’ve always been drawn to green things of the nature variety.   

10. I’m probably more comfortable around all my pets than around people. My best friend now is Walli, and she lives right behind me. She’s 25 years older than I am, but then I’ve always gravitated toward people older than me. Probably because I grew up with my great-grandmother and was seldom around people my own age.

Okay, now it’s my turn to play tag. And here’s who’s it:

Rosa at "Diary Of A Middle-Aged Gardener" because I’ve never had a friend in Canada. And she’s the first person who commented on my blog.

Kim over at "Something To Say" because we seem sort of alike, though I only know her through blogging. She’s a journalist and knows full well what I meant by my comment above.

Dee at "Red Dirt Ramblings" because she’s a fellow sister from Oklahoma, where I come from before I crossed over into Texas territory. And she’s a good writer in red dirt country.

Tracie over at "My Petite Maison" cause she’s such a sweetie pie.

And Melanie at "Old Country Gardens" because I like to read her blog and what she has to say. It’s nice to have a buddy way up in Long Island.



  1. Brenda,
    I’m with you on the spell check issue.

    Happy Heaven day to Pepper – just think of all the animals that didn’t get to have the wonderful rescued life of Pepper and smile, sweets!

    Do you really want to know more weird things about me?

    Oh yes, and are your polka-dots a different color?

  2. Yes, my polka-dots are…muted. Someone who’s opinion I respected said the bright red and white hurt her eyes, cause she’s at a computer all day to work. I didn’t want folks to feel like they had walked into a hallucinogenic-filled room when they came to visit! So Sara, dear Sara at Sadie Olive muted it.

  3. Hi Brenda, wow, thanks for thinking of me with the tag. Believe it or not, I was tagged on Saturday! So I will sadly decline as I can’t possibly be so interesting a person to have another 10 facts 🙂

    Actually, I will take that back. There was one thing I didn’t get to post on my tag. If I could move anywhere, I’d move south. Not south to New Jersey but to the real south like Tennessee, Georgia or the Carolinas. Do you know why I’d like to live in the south (besides for a longer gardening season)? I love how southerners call me “Miss Melanie”. I think I should make everybody call me “Miss Melanie” from now on and then I’d be happy here too. And that’s the truth!

    Hope you aren’t upset I declined, I can only tell that accordion story once 😉

  4. No problemo, Melanie.

  5. Brenda,

    Thank you for your warm, thoughtful, heart felt post to my blog! I very much appreciated your kindness and am pleased to have found your blog now , too.

    I would love to see the writing you have done about your parents; if you find the posts please let me know where I can read them.

    Your photos are beautiful and the azaleas always remind me winter is passing, finally!

    I am so sorry to see you lost your best friend and your beloved pet within two months of one another. What a painful season that must have been in your life.

    Gardening is a passion of mine also, although I have not had as much time as I need to work on my current gardens. I will come obver here and be inspired by what you are seeing and doing!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself and I will be back. My spelling is poor and I hope I do not drive you crazy with it!

  6. Brenda, my heart aches for your loss – I know exactly how that feels, I still bawl my eyes out thinking of the Tiggy Monster who, strangely enough, died two years ago too. Are we wussies, or what?

  7. Hi Brenda. I’m with you on the party thing. If I have to go to one, I do so kicking and wcreaming and I find the biggest potted plant and make friends. Very few people are brave enough to go talk to the woman talking to the plant! Thanks for playing along on the tag.

  8. What a wonderful post. You didn’t share all of it, but yet you shared so much, enough for all of us (who didn’t have the privilege beforehand) to get a picture of a wonderful person that you are. I hate to bring up sad stories, but I know exactly how you felt losing Pepper. I was 20 when I lost my 1st dog through a vet’s mistake, I felt like I’ve lost my favorite brother, and my only friend.I saved him from the streets when he was ran over & also tortured by some crazy, inbred people. He lived 8 happy years gracing all of our lives, and the memory of the wonderful being that he was will live forever. I comforted myself just like Tracie said, by thinking of all the other poor, helpless animals who didn’t have that luck and never lived long enough to experience that there’s more than bad people to this world. That fact makes me cry as much. But without any doubt, I’m sure you know that what you gave to Pepper is worth a joyful moment in time every now and then.
    Bugger! I keep getting carried away big time lately. And I’ll stop my pondering before the cursing begins 😉


  9. I think we are separated at birth 😉 (except for the smoking, drinking part) 😉

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