Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 21, 2008

Dog Antics


Isn’t this yellow tulip pretty? I planted red ones too, but have only seen yellow ones blooming so far. I really want to see some red ones!


Now look at poor tired Abigail. I went around the west side of my house to weed this morning. The dogs were inside the gate. I have to sing to them when they can’t see me, or they bark. Once we got inside and I had my second shower of the day (before noon), I stood in the kitchen fixing myself some Egg Beaters and turkey bacon. (Love to eat the real stuff, but the burgeoning waist line, you know.) Yes, I am going somewhere with this…

For no rhyme or reason, Charlie started running really fast around the kitchen. Through the dining room and living room, around my garden room. Around and round he went. A brown and black blur passing by me as I stand at the stove stirring my eggs.

Abigail has a heart and respiratory condition (little thing is only a year and a half old!). She started chasing him and barking her high-pitched bark. Round and round they went past me. Till Abi tuckered out and went to drink from their water bowl.


Now here’s Charlie. (He looks a little demented with that green cast to his eye.) He certainly doesn’t look tired. But then he rarely does.

As they’re running through the house frantically for no reason whatsoever, I always say to them: "Abi, slow down. We’re going to have to get your inhaler out." No chiding on my part does any good, of course. They don’t understand a thing I’m saying. (In case you ever need to know this, to give an asthmatic dog an inhaler, first you must have a long cup of some sort. I use a styrofoam one. Cut a little hole in the bottom big enough to insert the end of the inhaler where the medication comes out. Fit the open part of the cup over the dog’s snout. And give it a spray. When she knows she needs it, she actually is quite still and breathes it in.) Just a bit of information you probably will never need! 


I have this sign at the back of my yard. As if it isn’t already readily apparent that you are in a garden, I have to remind you.


Try tucking some Alyssum plants in between rocks near a pathway. The scent is heavenly as you walk by.


It’s always good to put some ornamentation in your gardens. I like gazing balls and various sculptures. Not real fancy ones. Cause I’m not the fancy sort. Just little shapes to scatter among the greenery and flowers. A little unexpected treasure here and there.


I find such beauty in a simple leaf. The textures are eye candy for me.


It’s still cool enough for pansies. I love the delicate little things. So I keep cutting them back. And they keep blooming all these gorgeous bright colors in reward.

I will leave you with this yellow photo below, as it is Easter weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Take time to smell the roses! (And all the other flowers.)




  1. oh your garden just feeds my soul– what beautiful flowers!! And your dogs are mighty cute, too.

  2. Oh, I think tired Charlie should get a medal for helping sweet Abi – he’s a “rescue dog”. What a sweetheart and I’m so glad Abigail is alright.

    The tulips are beautiful and love the alyssum and everything else, Brenda.

    What wonderful four-legged friends you have. Good job, Charlie!
    Any other dog, would’ve rather begged for the turkey bacon ;).

  3. Oh gosh, I read it again – I think he was the rescue dog – not the instigator, right? not Charlie… You’ll have to let me know, in any case – they both look like angels!

  4. Hi Brenda, do you have alyssum blooming already? And tulips? I’m so envious. We have bloomin’ snow….
    Your blog looks fine to me, though I’m not crazy about dots; however, I spend between 10 and 18 hours A DAY at the computer, and me eyeballs ain’t as young as they usta be…Things loaded quickly too, on my almost T1 line. (It varies here). Oh, and need I say your catchildren are adorable…and so are your dogs, who look to be about cat-sized. Happy Easter, spring, or whatever else you might be celebrating.

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