Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 19, 2008

Funny Fish Story


Some of you may remember Georgie. He’s my saltwater fish. The sole fish so far in our aquarium. We’ve had him for a few months now.

On my way to the kitchen from my desk I pass Georgie’s aquarium. The water is cloudy. I look more closely. There are these grape-cluster type plants in the tank. It looks like there is, and I’m not kidding you, smoke rising up from them! I stand there, astonished. Water can’t catch fire, now can it? I blink. It’s still there!


What do I do? So I dial up the aquarium service. I catch Jeff on his cell phone and explain my predicament. He tells me he’ll have to get over here this afternoon, because I could lose little Georgie if they don’t intervene. What on earth, I’m thinking?

See how murky and cloudy the water is below? My poor little Nemo!


He calls back to say he’s mixed up the salt water and will be over soon. I ask him what could have happened. He tells me, in effect, I’ve had a sexual incident in my fish tank.


I thought the "sexual incident" was likely something to do with little Georgie. But apparently not. It was the plant that looks like it has grapes on it! The plant below was the culprit!


Isn’t this just bizarre!

But, alas, the calamity has been averted. Georgie is safe. Jeff changed out some of the salt water. Then took out the grape-cluster plant parts that had turned white.

And they have ordered him a mate, so he won’t be lonely. (Do you think fish get lonely?) Of course, that means there really may be "hanky panky" going on in my fish tank…

Here’s Georgie begging for his frozen food.


Saltwater fish are accustomed to a vast amount of water. So, since this is just a 24 gallon tank, I think I’ll limit my little fish family to Georgie and his potential mate. (Look out Georgie!) And a little clean-up crew that they say will help the tank.

The aquarium is starting to clear up now.


Apparently the bigger fish is usually the female. And the fish can actually change genders! I’ve heard of gender transformation, but in my very own aquarium? Never a dull day around here…


Here he/she is in the corner. A mirror image effect. (Smoke and mirrors?)The water is really clearing up now.





  1. Hi Brenda,
    I’m so glad Georgie’s ok – now is it Georgie boy or Georgie Girl, I can’t remember…


  2. These are all funny picture but I liked this all funny picture .

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