Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 18, 2008

Rega Of Paris Consignment Shop


Today I went to visit my favorite consignment shop, Rega Of Paris. My friend Kate owns it. We became friends when I started going in to browse. And ended up buying this and that. She and I are both moms of grown children, around the same age, and have fun conversing about politics, etc.

Her shop is full of wonderful eye candy. Img_2633

And drama.


The shop is part vintage, a dash of Paris, a sprinkle of "old world" mystique. It is a very popular establishment here in Tyler. And Kate has a wonderful "good southern girl" personality that gives it extra panache.



I take furniture to her to sell when I want to clean out my house. Then of course I buy things from her to fill it up again.


Wouldn’t this "Maids Tub" look fantastic out in the garden planted with lush plants? Bright red and purple petunias spilling over the sides? It would certainly cause a stir in the neighborhood. Good way to meet your neighbors! I’d have it out back. Might even make a water feature out of it.


Here is an announcement about the upcoming Rega Of Paris five year anniversary celebration for late April. Food, fun and prizes! Count me in. And best of all, I live right down the street from the shop!


Do any of you readers remember typewriters? The old-fashioned kind where you couldn’t delete mistakes? Instead, you had to rip out the paper and start all over again.


If you’re anywhere close to my age, you’ll remember trying to type letters on these old antique gems. I purchased my first one in grade school, borrowed a book from the library, and taught myself to type. Can you imagine trading in your computer for this? Well, it would look cool set up in your home office. A bit of trivia and history. I’m sure they have them in museums now. It would make a good paper weight. I can promise you they were heavy and a bit awkward to use!



And of course I ended up going home with my Pathfinder filled to the brim. See this wrought iron chair? There were four of them, and now they’re in my garden. When it stops raining, I’ll get outside and set them up about the yard. Can’t have enough good places to sit to view the constant bird visitors that are building nests in the birdhouses. Or to be near the pond and relax to the sound of water spurting from my bullfrog spitter.

It’s always a surprise to walk into Kate’s shop. It’s an ever-changing display of goodies. So if you make it to Tyler, head down to 6722 South Broadway and take a peak. You can also go visit her at

No telling what will end up blocking the view of your rear view window on the way home.   



  1. Phooey, I was hoping it was a bit closer to me…I saw a few things I could really use!

    Last year I bought an old black remington rand typewriter and gifted it to my 18 year old daughter. She went crazy over it! We have it on display right now in our living room. I will have to get something like that for my younger daughter too.

  2. Love those chairs!

  3. Wish I could get my hands on a round table, like that one! This looks like a wonderful shop, Brenda! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


  4. Hi Brenda,
    For a second, I did think – Where am I? Something is definitely different polka dots – don’t remember that! I love your new look. Oh and the birdhouses, they’re great and so kind. Would love to go shopping with you too – looks lovely.
    Your cheerful home is wonderful – nice, bright and sunny side of the street feeling!

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