Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 17, 2008

Scatter Seeds Of Kindness


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I had actually forgotten about it myself until I read someone else’s blog.

I got my desk put together this morning. Relief! I finally have things in their proper place. But there are still all these odd wires and cables hanging down. Hopefully when the cable company sends someone out tomorrow I will once again be on a wireless network, and my husband’s computer can have all the stuff hanging down! It won’t matter in there, of course, as he has wooden furniture. Mine is glass and very open. So everything shows.

I made myself get out this afternoon and plant most of my seeds. I planted hundreds. I told myself, as I always do, that I was going to write everything down. I even got the notebook and pen outside. But the wind was blowing and I was tired. And you guessed it. I planted everything helter-skelter and I haven’t a clue what will come up where. Well, I have some memory of it. But as I grew more tired and my back was cramping up, I kind of threw caution to the wind.

So it will all be a wonderful surprise, hopefully.

Abigail and Charlie nosed around and generally got in my way. I was pulling up a dead plant and Abigail was behind me. And when I finally heaved the roots up, dirt went flying all over her. She looked at me as if to say, "I didn’t do it this time, Mom." And she didn’t. They go to get groomed and get their bath tomorrow. So I’ll try to let her slide on getting a bath at home tonight in the kitchen sink. Charlie goes into this sad, crab-like scoot across the floor when he knows he’s getting a bath!

I hope they don’t dig up all my seeds. But then, I don’t really know what will come up where, except for the vines and a few other things. So I suppose it won’t be that big a disappointment! I’m just glad most of it is planted. I’m dirty and need a bath myself.



  1. A wonderful sentiment. 🙂

  2. How wonderful that you will have a great surprise when your seeds come up! Let me just say that reading your post just now is a very kind seed for me. I had a very scattered day myself and your post gives me a smile.

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