Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 13, 2008

Afternoon In The Garden


Don’t you just love a huge hanging basket of Boston Fern? I picked up two of these today at the supermarket to hang in my courtyard.

I spent the afternoon planting aquatic plants in the pond. I seem to have a lot of algae in there that hasn’t been the case before. I bought two algae eaters last month. But then we had a freeze and they died. That was a wasted $12. So I’ll have to get more when I think we’ve had our last freeze. I hope the plants will help. And also shield my two fish from the summer sun.

I went to Lowes and of course had to shop the nursery. Bought coreopsis and dusty miller and blue daze. I wanted to plant seeds from Renees in Charlyce’s garden. But the dogs keep digging in there, so added a few plants for now and placed my cobalt blue birdbath from Gardener’s Supply out there.

The chickadees have taken over at least two of the birdhouses. The Eastern bluebirds have several also. So I’m kept busy filling the birdfeeders with seed.


I love gazing balls. I have red, blue, green and silver scattered throughout my gardens. I’m lucky one of the pets hasn’t knocked the glass ones over. Now I’ve wised up and only buy the stainless steel ones. They cost more, but then they don’t break. Two years ago I broke two in one week!


This frog watches over my gardens. Doesn’t he look wise and thoughtful?



  1. Hi Brenda, I love the fern! I can hardly wait until I can buy boston ferns for the back porch. I love them!

    I should think about buying a gazing ball. Thanks for the stainless idea!


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