Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 10, 2008

Pet Life


Abigail is always up to something. She has been chewing the leg of my new office chair, and generally getting into trouble with Mom today. Her favorite trick is to get something she’s not supposed to have, then taunt me with it and run underneath my bed!

Charlie Ross, as you can see, is a bit tired. All his sister’s constant antics wear him out. He’s ready for a nap to rejuvenate. Females are just so much trouble.

They have both been fighting over who gets to sit on Mom’s lap while she is at the computer. They hit the keys and highlight text that isn’t supposed to be highlighted. And Mom sighs, and fixes it. This is the life of a Pet Mom!


Bonnie is watching over it all with mild disdain. She just bit Charlie and made him squeal. Now she’s above the couch doing what Bonnie does best. Pausing for kitty reflection and snoozing.

Clyde is the cat that gets to go outside. He is probably up on the roof, which will drive the dogs crazy when next we go out. I will have to coax him down by playing the "Where’s Clyde" routine. Not once, but probably about half a dozen times. I will duck my head where he cannot see me and ask where he is. Finally he will come close enough where I can reach him and then carry him inside, with the dogs yapping excitedly and trying to bite his huge fluffy tail until I can get him to safe ground. The kitchen cabinet is the best spot. Then he will get kitty snacks. He only likes the crunchy tuna, and will walk away from anything else. Then he will settle down for a nap himself until he feels it’s time to go outside again.



  1. Pets are great aren’t they? 🙂
    I love the quilt hanging behind Charlie and Abigail. Those sqares are tiny!

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