Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home


"The barn’s burnt down; Now I can see the moon."

I don’t know who the author of this quote is, or even where I came across it. It reminds me, though, that the proverbial glass may be half empty. But it is also, at the same time, half full. Sometimes things happen for which we have no answers or explanations. Yet sometimes there is a silver lining.

I find my gardens a place to meditate and ponder over things. Nature is my spirit. And the words, "grow, grow," almost a mantra. I had to live quite a bit of life before I figured out what happiness really is. And that if I blinked, I might miss it. As it can sometimes be fleeting.

When I was a young mother, I didn’t have time to let the senses speak to me. I was afraid of the years passing. But you find it is in fact a gift. For as you get older, you often find that the simple life is the real ticket to contentment.

In my gardens and in nature, I listen. I stop to let the flowers’ sweet perfume waft my way. I enjoy the feel of dirt sifting through my fingers. I smile at petals unfolding. I find happiness in seedlings that stretch their way into existence.

Little things make a difference. I love a well-made bed, with a patchwork quilt folded at the end. And there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of coffee, with the aroma that fills the air. There is the inimitable sound of silence. The air that’s so full of promise.

We gardeners have color in our souls. And joy, the simple uncomplicated kind, in our hearts.




  1. Brenda,
    So well said – thank you.

    Things do get clearer as we get older don’t they?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by way of Rachel.

    I love the picture of your doggie – animal people are the best!
    My Petite Maison

  2. Hi Brenda!
    Wanted to thank you for your nice comment today, Wednesday on my blog.
    You’re right, we should take it easy if we can. Thanks, you gave me the gift of thinking just take today as it comes. I’ll do what I can today joyfully and move throughout my day in that way!

  3. When I worked part-time I spent alot of time in the garden. I would get up early, with my cup of coffee and head directly out to see what weed I could pull …

    Now I have not been spending enough time, BUT I so agree with you … sometimes I am stopped in my tracks by a whiff of a fragrance or the birds fussing around, a hummingbird so close to my face that we look eye to eye. The clouds floating overhead … but everything can be magic when you stop and watch for a minute! And I look for the moments alot now in the yard, on my few minutes out there!

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