Posted by: Brenda Kula | March 1, 2008

Georgie’s World


Here are recent photos of Georgie, my one and only saltwater fish to date. He has been alone in the aquarium for over a month now. Jeff and Andrea from Lone Star Aquariums in Tyler came out to do a little housekeeping in Georgie’s home. I have asked them to find him a mate, as he looks a little lonely to me.

Georgie is a lively little fish. He loves to eat, but just the frozen food. He turns away in disdain when I feed him the fish flakes. So frozen food it is, twice per day.

Jeff put a timer on his tank yesterday, as this aquarium has three different lights. He much prefers the brightest light, it seems. It is amazing how quickly you can become attached to a little fish you can’t even touch. He responds to my voice. Of course he expects me to have food in hand when I approach the tank!

Below is Georgie’s little habitat.


Doesn’t he just exude personality! Mom thinks so, of course. I sing a little Georgie-Porgie song to him when I’m near his aquarium. Everyone knows how I sing while I work about the house and yard. (No, I won’t be trying out for American Idol. I cringe to think I’ve slipped up and let someone actually hear me. Bad habits die hard.)


Georgie’s world. Hopefully soon they will be adding anemones or corals. I think clownfish might just prefer anemones. I’ll have to read up on that. 


A charismatic little fellow. Of course I’m biased. He has joined our human/pet menagerie, and is fitting in nicely. Of course there’s Abigail Rose (named for Tyler’s famous rose gardens) and Charlie Ross (named for my best friend who died two years ago), the Yorkies. Then there’s the oldest members of our pet family, Bonnie and Clyde, the nine year old cats. Then there is Survivor and Spot, the fish in the outdoor pond. Oh, of course there is Paul, the husband. Don’t want to leave him out! He pays for the roof over all of our heads, doing what psychiatrists do! If not for him, I would not have the privilege of staying home to care for this ever-growing brood. Thank you, Paul!


Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out the pond, by the way. I mean really cleaned it out. I typically have a guy come out to do the spring cleaning. But unfortunately he weighs at least 300 pounds, bless his sweet heart, and always seems to break something. I wince when he lowers himself into the small pond, wondering just when the liner will give and I will have to replace it.

So, I decided I’d give it the old college try myself. Being as there was a lot of green algae, I got out a kitchen sponge (yes, I mean a regular kitchen sponge. But of course not the one I use for dishes!) and leaned in and got to work scraping. Once per month I backwash the filter to clean the pond. I cleaned the two pumps over and over again with the hose. I then added two algae eaters. Mine died during a freeze. So I had to replace that poor fellow. Hope they do their job so next month I won’t be reduced to using a kitchen sponge in the pond!

So today I’m off to look for pond plants. I don’t want Spot and Survivor to get too hot in the East Texas heat that will be coming all too soon. I need some plants that will give them a bit of shade to hover under. If I’m unsuccessful in finding any today, I’ll order some on the internet.

We did have a pond supply store here. Unfortunately the owner died in a car crash just outside his business about a year ago. He gave Survivor his name. There was a pond disaster one day, and he is the only goldfish that survived. I decided I would take a quick spin around the neighborhood on my bicycle while the water filled the pond. I came back to discover the pond disaster. I believe I had also forgotten to add dechlorinator to the water also. I am much more organized and diligent with the pond now that I’ve had it a few years.

On the garden front, I am anxiously awaiting my arrival of Renee’s Garden seeds. I am going to try and plant more seeds this season. I’m usually too quick to buy those I see already resplendent and blooming in the garden nurseries!   

I’m off to shop! Happy Saturday gardening, wherever you might be. If there isn’t still snow on the ground in your neck of the woods, anyway. If you’re staring woefully out your window at a winter that just doesn’t know when to leave, then get out the seed catalogs and dream!


  1. Oh my word…another beautiful picture. I thought the first one was a post card it was so perfect. xo Rachel

  2. What a beautiful fish!I hope you can find a mate for him soon.

  3. Your fish is adorable – we get attached to our fish. Mine spend the winter indoors and I love having them around.

    You’ll have to post pics of your pond fish too!

  4. Another pet?, I might have known! It’s funny that he only eats the best food. Spoiled I would say… along with the other spoiled kids at your house. I head salt water aquariums are high maintenance but worth it. The fishy color selecting is more vibrant than fresh water. I want a pond too..maybe at the new house. I hope you had a good Saturday too. Mine was excellent and fun. I’m soon going to be married 30 years. We haven’t killed each other and it grows every day.

  5. Yes, I think Georgie needs a pal. Beautiful photos.

    I have a single fish, named Pish. It’s a black “goldfish” who lives on my kitchen counter. He used to have a pal, but, well, no more.

    I often think a saltwater aquarium would be wonderful, but my impression is they are a good deal of work.

    Robin at Bumblebee

  6. I was here and left frozen fish food!! Hugs too!

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