Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 28, 2008

Bedroom Decoupage Projects

I dearly love to decoupage. According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, decoupage is defined as: act of cutting out; the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts (as of paper) and then coating them with several layers of finish (as lacquer or varnish).

With the wonderful selections of scrapbook paper, we have lots of medium at our fingertips. Sometimes scrapbook paper is too thick. So I copy it on my printer onto typewriter paper so it is easier to work with.

You can cut images out of magazines. You can order images online. Seed packets are particularly great if you love to garden. You can copy photos. Anything with a paper-like texture works for me.

I decoupage boxes, furniture, trays, and most anything that will stick with Mod Podge. They say it is better when cutting out your pieces of paper to hold the scissors while rotating your paper, instead of the other way around. The trick to decoupage is to get the paper stuck flat to the surface by using a painting stroke with your brush. I use those paint brushes that are black foam, as they are cheap and disposable. Coat the back of your paper with a layer of Mod Podge, then arrange it on the surface you want to decoupage. Then, once you have your paper layers glued down, let the surface dry a bit. Then keep adding new coats. Try to get the bubbles out, as they will remain raised once dry. The additional coats act as a varnish. You can use matte or glossy finishes. 

Here is a picture of a dresser I decoupaged a few years ago. It is my bedroom dresser that I bought at a garage sale for $40. (Sorry, there are no windows in this bedroom, and I couldn’t step back far enough to get a really good photo. So this is the best I could do!)


Some of the paper I rubberstamped. Some are simply stickers. Others are scrapbook paper that I then glued a background paper onto to highlight the image with more color and to also enlarge it.                                                                                 

The next piece of furniture, which we bought at Pier 1, holds my husband’s many pairs of socks. So I cut approximately 2 inch width pieces of scrapbook papers, and went to town, lining them up along the top and sides.

Mind you, this was something I did in the winter months when it was cold outside!

Then I found scrapbook paper that looked like antique tape measures. I cut them up in about 3/4 to 1 inch pieces, as you can see by the front, and glued them on as an edging of sorts. People think they are actual pieces of wood!

I went over this piece of furniture probably five times with Mod Podge to seal it well, as it gets a lot of use. After more than two years, there are no nicks in the adhered paper. It looks just as it did when I finished it.

It is a conversation starter, if nothing else.

I just got sick of looking at the plain pine wood, and knew I could do something with it that would suit the natural wood and canvas fabric of the drawers.

So if you have a piece of furniture that you don’t want to paint, but are dying to change what it looks like, try decoupage. It is easy, fun, and you get lots of glue on your hands that you painstakingly have to keep removing for hours. A fun job for the kids!

Img_2281 Img_2282 



  1. I love this! I haven’t really crafted much since the kids got older but I loved making over thrift store finds. I tended to use paint more though. I have a wood coffee table on which I painted both a snakes and ladders game and a chess game.
    Around the outside of these I painted a road for little cars that went by a gas station , farm, pond and so on. I even painted little versions of my kids! It was great fun! And just to let you know, my drawing skills are not great, so the style was more ‘primitive’ than it was fine art. 🙂

  2. Great and fabulous minds think alike. The photos and projects above are very clever. I like to modge podge fabrics too. I think that first dresser is well balanced. The clock arms were a fun surprise. I’m going to do some outdoor pots. I was given a bunch of old windows. I will be decopaging them too. Great post!!

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