Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 26, 2008

New Computer

Yesterday the temperature was in the 70’s. I wore shorts as I fertilized my plants. Today, the wind is whipping around with seeming fury. Back to pants and long sleeves again. This is so crazy!

My new computer came yesterday. Yep, ordered the new Dell XPS All-In-One on Friday afternoon. They delivered it while I was out in the yard working yesteday morning. I have to say, I am loving it. It had all of one cord to plug in. No tower. Somehow (and don’t ask me how) all the stuff computers have crammed into their brains is inside this monitor, which is 20 inches wide. Vista does not seem at all hard to work with. All I’m having trouble with is the keyboard. I was accustomed to my Dell laptop. So I’m making a lot of typos!

Cordless keyboard and mouse. It is like an event, I’m here to tell you. I do not ordinarily get excited about electronics. I rarely even watch television except for the evening news. But I am "enamored" of this thing. I think I may be in love! The graphics are phenomenal. Everything is so…futuristic! If you haven’t seen one in person, go in to Best Buy and check it out. Price is now $1299 at Dell, and I added Microsoft Word, being the writer-person I am. I tried to take a photo of it, but the screen is so shiny that I kept getting a persistent glare, even when I turned off the flash. So you’ll just have to go online to see it.

I don’t know about you, but this blogging thing is getting to be a full-time job! I spend the morning with my bowl of Kashi cereal (I am a compulsive Kashi cereal eater) and cup of coffee checking email and reading my favorite blogs. And everyone knows how much I love to read blogs! I leave comments and drool over the photos these creative souls somehow manage to come with, all the while wondering "why didn’t I think of that?" Did they go to photography or art school? Hmmm.Then eventually I write an entry in my own blog if time doesn’t manage to get away from me completely. Take the dogs in and out. Get household jobs done. Do what needs to be done in the gardens. Maybe run some errands. Some days I never start the car. I love that kind of day. No crowds or traffic. Just me, myself, and I.

The day is gone! It’s evening. I take my nightly shower (couldn’t ever relax at night without my second shower of the day!) and settle in to read whatever has come in the mail or a book I’ve ordered from (My oldest daughter said recently to me, "Mom, I can’t get you a gift certificate from That’s a terrible present.") To which I replied, "It’s my favorite kind!" My husband orders things on the internet all the time. How many pairs of socks in how many shades can you possibly have? In my house, it’s he who fills up all the closets, not me. I dig in the dirt, I tell him. I’m not going to get dressed up for that. Anyway, so catalogs get sent to us daily. Love the Pottery Barn catalog. Can’t believe it’s free. To me it’s as good as a decorating magazine.

But, I ask you, who better to spend the day with, than my fellow bloggers and new friends from all over the world? It’s a good thing. Truly.


  1. Hi Brenda – Congratulations on your new computer! Isn’t technology amazing?

    You didn’t say, but I get the idea your husband doesn’t share your passion for gardening. My first husband didn’t share mine either, but I’ve since remarried to a man who is more addicted than I!!

    When weather permits, I’m in the yard more than I’m in the house!


  2. OH how wonderful–a new toy! I love my Dell too. And yes it did take some getting use to with the new Vista and keypad. My touch pad is not as good as the last though. I did adjust it but it’s not right yet. I love all the bells and whistles. I’ll have to go back to work soon, move the same week, and blog some how in all that living. But I love coming here too. I’m glad to see you cheery today. Makes me smile!! And I think the they are polka dancing on my new music playlist I’m listening to–perfect timing to be so happy. I’m an oatmeal eater!!

  3. You are playing on your puter!! Did you get it all figured out yet?

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