Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 22, 2008

New Banner

How does my new banner look? I’m open for all comments. Susan Tuttle designed it. I am personally very pleased. She took some of my own photos, and did her creative thing. She is a very talented lady. You can reach her by checking her out on the far right-hand column of this blog where her name appears. Go take a look at her designs by clicking on the names of her other pleased customers. I was wowed. And it was not at all hard on the pocketbook either. My little birthday present to myself.

Now my thoughts are about whether I want to buy a new computer. I’ve been working on a laptop, but with all the pics, figure I need more space for graphics. Now they have this all-in-one I’m interested in at Dell. I just got back from Best Buy, where you can take a good look at it. Pondering…

Pondering some more.

Otherwise it’s a nice, cold, quiet day alone with the dogs, cats and fish. Clyde the cat is happily ensconced on my printer, where the dogs can’t nip at his fluffy tail. He is a Maine Coon cat my stepdaughter found in a dumpster about nine years ago. Full of personality. Always looks you straight in the eye. Certainly the most social cat I’ve ever known!

Stay warm and have a nice weekend. Pretty soon the ground will be ready for spring planting. Can’t wait!




  1. I love your new banner!

  2. I love the blog banner! Susan did mine as well. She is so talented and such a pleasure to work with! Cheers!

  3. So glad you like it Brenda – thanks for the kind words.


  4. Brenda, nice banner. Love it.~~Dee

  5. Your new banner looks very nice!

  6. I like your new banner!

  7. Yep, the new banner is much more inviting. It shows your wonderful witty personality. I have a Dell lap top. My only complaint is the touch pad. I got to pound it to get it to work. and yes, I’ve tried adjusting it. Then I end up double posting sometimes. Other than that–I love it.

  8. Hi Brenda,

    Great banner! Love how your dog is looking upwards. I notice you live in Texas. I used to live in Abilene, Texas back in the late 1960’s. Miss my next door neighbors with their swimming pool but don’t miss the dust storms.

    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog.


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