Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 21, 2008

Roast Beef Stew


Today is a rainy Thursday. Dreary outside. Not to mention that when I went outside to feed the pond fish, I slipped in my rubber flipflops and fell flat on my back. Ouch. I’m lucky I didn’t break my damned neck. Of course all the fish flakes scattered to the wind, and Charlie Ross persists in going out there and eating them. I’m sure before the day is over he will throw it all up. And then I’ll have yet another mess to clean up.

It is the sort of day when you cook stew and cornbread. The roast beef stew is simmering delectably on my stove, the tomato sauce bubbling. The other main ingredients are red Irish potatoes and frozen veggies. It smells…homey. Come lunch time I will bake some cornbread and sit down for a good hot lunch. The kind that "sticks to your bones."

Other than that I am reading blogs (aren’t I always?); adding more and more to my daily must-reads. I’m going to have to carve out time for bathroom breaks pretty soon.

My back is becoming stiff. I already had a bad back that I do twice-daily exercises for. Disks that are troublesome. I didn’t really need this painful little addition to my now 51-year-old body today. (Boy, I remember when 30 sounded old. Now I fully realize that they’re just kids.)

I’m trying to plan around my husband’s doctorly schedule so I can go to Oklahoma and visit my only grandchild, Riley James. He is four and I haven’t seen him since last summer, due to one thing or another. And the long drive that makes me ever-stiffer. He’s at the age where they run you ragged. That’s why his dear mother doesn’t strap him into the car and drive him here to see his old grandma. That and her hectic schedule.

It’s done! A hot steaming bowl of stew. Fresh from the oven cornbread. And iced tea. Later, folks.



  1. Goodness, Brenda, I’m amazed you had the temerity to prepare stew after falling flat on your back. I love flip flops, but they have made me take a spill a time or two. Glad you’re okay, and the stew looks fab. We are having chili tonight.~~Dee

  2. What a great read today–stay in that mood would you–it’s amusing me!! Oh I forgot–we are 50 and never stay in the same mood. It drives my dh crazy. He tiptoes around me till he gets fed up with it and then just good and tells me off–

    I sure hope your back is Ok tomorrow morning. Sounds like a nasty but funny fall. Sorry–but I laughed out loud at the fish flakes flying and all that good stuff.

    Healing hugs your way—and go see the grandbaby!!! You need a car heating pad!

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