Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 20, 2008

The Creative Life


I have always enjoyed making things for my home. I have made quilts, designed cloth dolls and pillows, embroidered accessories, decoupaged furniture, sewn curtains. Color is in itself a medium in my humble opinion. The hues and gradations make up what pleases us, brings the sunshine inside.

I sift through junk shops to unearth treasures, even though many people would not see the beauty in some old kitchen drawer or suitcase. You can easily make an eye-catching, vintage display for found objects and beloved photographs.



Perhaps because I don’t have a richly embroidered family history, these things are especially valuable to me. And I am recycling! Can’t beat that. 



  1. While I do have a family history, I have very few handme downs. We got a white and red enamal pee pot (chamber pot) from Henry’s grandma, which I have used as a cache pot for plants (Outside:)) and I have a dutch potatoe spoon from my grandma. The thing is… is that I love old stuff, so I’m always looking for it. I found some great stuff at thrift stores and garage sales. I love your displays. It’s fun to find beauty in the things other people want to get rid of isn’t it?

  2. I like Mary Englebreit too! We must be on the same wave length today cause I just posted about Modge Podging for outdoor pots. You have lovely treasured items. Homes are made of moments and memories–houses hold people.

  3. I love making new things out of odd old things.


    Spring is coming and Happy Birthday!

  4. I love your decorating style – it’s bright and cheerful. Most importantly, it is meaningful!

    Your button jar made me smile … I have a similar one … my cousin couldn’t believe that I liked collecting these canning jars just for such things as buttons, ribbons etc.

  5. How nice to see some of things you’ve made Brenda. I also like to do quilts and have sown quite a few curtains too. Recycling is a good thing!

    Belated Happy Birthday!

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