Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 19, 2008

Birthday Thoughts


This is the Heuchera (Coral Bells) I purchased at Blue Moon Gardens last week. I’m afraid to plant it yet, as there may still be freezing weather in store. I love the shade and texture of the leaves.

Today I was going to take it easy. My 51st birthday! Relax, put my feet up, maybe start reading a new book I’ve set aside. Get out and vote in the Democratic primary. Check out my favorite blogs, write an entry myself, etc. But I woke up to clogged and overflowing toilets. Which was really aggravating, since the plumbers were just here last week.

Amidst wet sewage in my front yard, the plumber explained I would need a sewer "clean out." Two hundred dollars later, I figure; okay, the rest of the day I can hopefully salvage.

I drive to Starbucks to buy a bag of my favorite brew to be grounded. (Mild Breakfast Blend) Yum! I pick up the dogs from the groomer, then head home for some lunch. Leftover spaghetti from yesterday’s lunch at Brunos.

I am outside later in the afternoon with the dogs taking photographs of the yard, and I see some city workers across the street. I meander over and tell them, "Hey, I just had problems with the sewer myself this morning. Is that what you guys are working on?" They tell me that the two problems were intertwined. So did I waste money on what actually should have been a city job? That is debatable, and has been debated much of the afternoon by everyone I phone to discuss the matter with. I don’t know who to believe. But I’m still out the $200. At least my bathrooms are cleaned up and in proper working condition. Five complete rolls of paper towels later.

Walli called mid-afternoon to say that, had she been able to locate me earlier, she would have taken me out to lunch for my birthday. But I’ve been out of pocket. She and Ken took me out yesterday anyway. Thank you for the sentiment, though, Walli.

My oldest daughter has called, and the younger one has emailed birthday greetings. My stepdaughter, who always seems to remember my birthday seemingly by chance, called to wish me a happy one. Bless you, Lindsay.

Living in what is considered the piney woods of Texas, we get a lot of pine needles scattered in the yard, up against the house, and everywhere you don’t want them. So, as that may have been part of my problem this morning (pine needles clogging up the sewer), I get Elite Landscaping to come out, as I didn’t want that arduous job on this particular day. I’m thinking, after looking at my checkbook, that maybe I should have gotten down on my hands and knees, as I normally would have, and tackled the job myself. (And burned some considerable calories at the same time.)

Oh well. My house is clean, as Cynthia came to clean my house and Phanita’s next door this morning, as she typically does twice per month. The dogs are groomed and smelling freshly shampooed. The pine needles are bagged and at the curb, awaiting the next trash pick up on Friday. I have yet to vote, so that will have to be a task for another day. 

I wish now, belatedly, that I’d thrown caution to the wind and driven out to Blue Moon Gardens this morning, once the plumbers were gone. I could have filled one of their red wagons with even more delightful plants to beautify my gardens. But I’ll try and be patient. Wait for the checking account to be replenished. And in a few more weeks, when winter has passed on by, I can really get down to business.    


  1. Happy Birthday. You had a mixed day. I’ll take those pine needles off your hands. We have to pay for them here. They cost about $4.50 a bale. It takes about 75 bales to do my yard—err. Sorry about your fecal eater overflow. I can’t imagine….call all the city council members and go public!! lol I want to go gardening too–I want one of everything. Really!

  2. Happy belated birthday! There is less than 1 year’s difference in age between us. Cool!

    You certainly didn’t need the sewage problem to deal with – I hope you are able to get to the garden centre and buy some new plants!

  3. Happy belated birthday!

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