Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 18, 2008

President’s Day

Img_2079_2Today is a beautiful day here in East Texas. The skies are blue and the weather has warmed up considerably.

I’m still debating what garden seeds I want to order. I need to get that done. I figure some marigolds, zinnias, various flowering vines, a few types of lettuce and spinach, and basil. I probably won’t be able to stop at that. We’ll see. 

I ran a Meals On Wheels route today. Walli has the flu, so it was just me today. I can do around twenty meals fairly fast by myself. There are a few people (not me, however) here in town who run a route most every day, bless their souls.

I spent the weekend reading up on blogs I enjoy. I read both garden blogs and art blogs. There is a wonderful publication I ordered from called "Artful Blogging", which showcases bloggers. Stampington also puts out "Somerset Studio", which is targeted at paper artists and stampers, which I also receive via mail. Artful Blogging is full of beautiful photos and creative individuals who I admire, and also gives me new sites to visit. I like to read how they got started blogging and what their lives are like.

Yesterday I visited., which is kind of like Ebay for all things handmade. It is also very inspiring. Also check out if you want to see an old house made cozy, by a woman who truly loves her home and blogs about it. You can feel the love in every sentence and photo she posts. I love to look at her blog and see what she’s up to.

I don’t live in an old home (only 27 years old), but I love decorating it and seeking out new ideas for both inside and out. I practically salivate over gardening and decorating magazines, and buy more than I should. I love my home, and feel as though I’ve lived in it for a long time, though it’s only been three years. Some houses have just made me feel that way. Like I’ve met up with an old kindred soul I must surely have known in a former life.

I will finish up my entry today with my favorite quote:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep – Robert Frost




  1. (((Brenda)))
    Thank you SO much for mentioning me and my blog! What a sweetheart you are! AND I am so happy that you love your home too – may you have many wonderful days and years there filled with love and happiness.


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