Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 15, 2008

Photograph Table Project


This is a tabletop project I did about a month ago. I had this table I’d bought at an antique mall for around $40 years ago. I used it in my office area as extra space to do projects on. It has a small lip about an inch around the perimeter, and I’d had a piece of clear glass cut to fit inside that. But I was unhappy with the looks of the overall table, as it looked plain, even though I’d painted it. So I "pieced" photos I loved to fit inside it like a puzzle of sorts. Or a patchwork quilt.

I selected photos I particularly liked for one reason or another, then laid them down until I found an arrangement I liked. Then I used photo stickers for adhering photos to scrapbooks, and glued them to the table top. Some photos I had to crop to get the fit I wanted. I chose photos of my gardens, my daughters and grandson, my pets, my pond, etc. I laid them in a pleasing order to accentuate the colors. I didn’t use a lot of photo stickers for each photo, so I would be able to take them off and interchange them if I want to in the future. Then when I was happy with the look, I cleaned the piece of glass and gently laid it back down on top.

Everyone who has seen it has enjoyed it. It is a good way to get photographs out of drawers and put them to good use, not have to frame them, and get to look at them all the time with their being protected from spills and such.

I enjoy sitting in my desk chair on the phone and looking down at the beauty of my table. I smile at images that once sat in boxes and rarely got taken out.

You could make your photograph table themed, perhaps using heritage photos of your family in sepia or black and white. Or do as I did and just add everything I enjoyed looking at. Have fun!





  1. That’s avery nice table Brenda. I may borrow thar idea one of these days if you don’t mind.

  2. Wonderful idea. I want to do it with some old letters and family history pics. Maybe my mom and dad’s wedding pics, his ww2 discharge papers, letters my great aunt wrote to a man she loved, and the ideas roll on…. Great post.

  3. That’s a great idea, Anna. That sort of historical memorabilia would be a wonderful addition. And when family members came over, you could enjoy it with them.

  4. Very nice 🙂

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