Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 12, 2008

Bird Feeding Weather

Img_2064My outdoor birds are feeding fast and furious. It is cold outside. This weather is crazy. I go out with the dogs (as Abigail won’t go out without me) and we rush back into the warmth. (Really liking that new furnace we had to get during the "gas leak." Refer to archives for full story.)

Of course when I go outside to take a photo of the birds, they all fly away. So the photo to the left is empty of occupants. Sorry. I can’t seem to get a good shot through the dining room window, though I’ll keep trying.

I am seeing more and more tulip bulb tips poking through the soil. I only recall planting thirty bulbs, but there seem to be many more coming up. I haven’t planted tulips before. Is this common, or I have forgotten my math skills?

Andy the carpenter dropped by for a little visit today, as he is probably going to do a job next door. We talked about decorating his house, his yard. I can’t resist bringing on the ideas when it comes to one’s yard! I’ve let it be known that my decorating expertise for house and home is free and I’ll come give him my thoughts whenever he’s ready to implement them. He enjoys my coffee (Starbucks), so he should come back when it is warmer and we can sit outside by the pond with a fresh cup.

George the saltwater aquarium fish is still alone. But I have added several more plants and he hasn’t eaten them, as he did the first one. I wonder if that episode was due to the stress of joining our household? I really want to add more fish or coral or something, but they keep telling me patience is the key with saltwater aquariums.

I spent a little time over at Birds And Blooms today (, and read other garden blogs from around the world. I enjoy making garden buddies. I spend a good bit of time over at HGTV’s  ( Rate My Space also. It’s a wonderful source of real life decorating for indoors and out. It gets the garden juices flowing. I haven’t submitted any photos yet, though perhaps I will one day.

It’s late afternoon now, so I have some chores about the house. Then I’ll settle in my bedroom for some good reading. Newsweek magazine arrived in the mail today. I’m always interested in the political news, etc. I love magazines, so many find their way to my door. Reading is a good way to relax before sleep. When I rest myself and dream about yet more gardening ideas…


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