Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 9, 2008

Lazy Saturday Afternoon


Isn’t this a beautiful Amaryllis? It is Walli’s. I am envious. I’m going to have to get into the "bulb frame of mind."

Today I’ve been browsing Renee’s Heirloom Garden Seeds online. Rosa, from Canada, (don’t you just love that name?), who has become my blogging buddy from gave me the website name after I admired the packets on her blog. I keep adding to my total bill, deleting and totaling again. Aghast that at less than $3 a seed packet, I can run up such a horrendous bill. It’s not just the seeds I long for, it’s also the pretty packets. I figure I can use them to decoupage something perhaps. I love seed packets. There are all sorts of fun things to do with paper goods.

Aside from plucking a few errant weeds, I haven’t done much in the gardens today. Wandered around and dreamed about what I’m going to do once it gets a bit warmer. (Although it’s pretty warm today. I keep telling myself I really need to get in those bathrooms and start taking down wallpaper first.) I have some ideas about starting vegetables in large pots. (Charlie has a habit of peeing on plants if they’re low enough.) I keep reading and hearing how we should all be eating more food from our own neck of the woods instead of having it trucked in. It’s better for us and the environment.

Walli and I will think up all manner of things to do in our yards that summons all our collective energy and strains our backs. Since her husband Ken is retired, we drag him in for jobs more befitting a strong man. He groans a little, but is compliant and thus helpful.

The birds flutter about the feeders, edging their way in line to eat. A squirrel is trying to snap up some too, and it’s driving poor Charlie crazy at the window watching him. He scratches at the glass and cries as though he’s in pain. I let him out to let off steam and he runs and scatters the birds skyward, which means they fly to the tree branches until I call him inside. Abigail is utterly unaware of such things. She doesn’t care to chase birds and butterflies. It’s just not in her nature. She’d rather be asleep on my lap as I type.   

I’ve also been spending a lot of time reading other blogs on gardening. There are some really beautiful ones out there. People are so creative. So much information out there for free! What on earth did we all do before the advent of the internet? I can’t imagine being without it. Every time my oldest daughter gets a few minutes of time to call her dear old mother, she’s always in her SUV driving somewhere. And when she says, "Mom, what are you doing?" I inevitably reply, "I’m on the internet."




  1. Brenda, Thank you for visiting my blog and that allowed me to find yours 🙂 a lot of interesting reading.
    I also think how could we live without internet before 🙂
    internet was just handy source of different information, but since I discovered garden blogging – it became real fun 🙂
    so, again, hi! nice to meet you.
    Greetings from Poland,

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