Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 6, 2008

One Lonely Fish

Img_2000_4There is finally a fish in my saltwater aquarium. It is a True Percula Clownfish. His name is George.

There are, they tell me, a True and a False Percula Clownfish. The false species is tank-raised; so I suppose the true species comes from the ocean. The actual name is Amphiprion Percula, or True Percula. They are typically orange in color with three white bars. The middle bar has a forward-projecting bulge. It has 10 (rarely 9) dorsal spines. Usually it has jet black margins of varied widths around its white bars, which are rather thick. It is striking in its color quality. Salt water fish are beautiful but somewhat expensive. George was $45.

I named him George after the guy who brought him, who will do maintenance and who set up my tank a month ago. I have never had a salt water aquarium before, and it has been years since my try at a freshwater tank. I vaguely remember it, but I do recall having to scoop out dead fish. At around $45 a fish, I don’t want to end up doing that. Thus the hired help. I figure in the long run I’ll save money, not waste it.

There will be other fish. We purchased four, only to learn later that that was probably too many for our 24 gallon Aqua Pod tank. George was half of a pair of fish that had just come to the store the previous day. The other fish was showing signs of ailment at the time George came to my house yesterday. So that one, a Yellow Tang, and another purplish fish I can’t recall the name of will stay at the store for the time being. Hopefully George’s mate will come soon. And maybe the Yellow Tang after my plant has established itself. Apparently they like to munch on that. Later will come the coral we bought. You’re not supposed to add too much at one time.

George is swimming happily about his new home. I glance over there a lot as I write, checking for signs of…ailing? Well, I can’t hold the back of my hand to his brow as I did my daughters when checking for fever. So I guess I’ll just watch and hope for the best.


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