Posted by: Brenda Kula | February 5, 2008

East Texas Gardening Oddities

It is more than seventy degrees. A humid East Texas winter day. One day we are covering our outdoor plants to protect from impending frost. The next we’re wearing shorts and trying to beat the heat.

My tulips have sprouted, pointing their little tipped heads up to the sun. I planted yellow and red bulbs in the fall. My first tulip patch. I love tulips, the graceful bend of their stems. The elegant shape of the flowers. So it behooves me why I haven’t bothered to plant them before. I guess I am usually busy cleaning up from the summer plants and raking leaves during that time of year. I forget until it’s too late that I’ve missed another potential growing season that beckons us like no other. Spring time. Renewal. New growth. All that jazz.


There’s nothing like it. Meandering down the pathways, watching for little snips of green poking up through the earth. Heralding the arrival of herbs and perennials. A time to wander the aisles of the garden nurseries, pondering what will make the most of your little slice of heaven on the ground. (And in your pots!)

So take care of the winter sniffles. Try to avoid the flu. And look forward to the advent of spring. For me, the things that matter are the little creatures leaping about the pond. Rabbits hiding in the bushes. The gorgeous azaleas all over the neighborhood, of which our town is well known. The trees budding. Vines climbing toward the roof and the great blue sky. Lemon balm and thyme releasing their citrusy aroma into the air. The pungent bite of chives and garlic.

And guess what? my miniature roses are still blooming. Throughout the snow that fell like billowy sheets of torn paper and disappeared before it hit the ground. The rains that have pummeled down and the winds that have torn through. That’s our little paradise in East Texas for you!



  1. Spring is my favorite time of year and I love your pansy picture! Enjoy your bulbs!

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